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    DafixersHideout's Recent Comments
    July 15, 2008 8:08 pm

    First want to say have been loving the show for a long while now, you guys are not only part of a my weekly podcasts but on my own little piece of the podcast space you guys freguently get Best in Podcast because you do some of the best damn comic reviews in podcast.

    Having said that I have to tell you that you guys were cracking me up with the Kip Adotta review of Hellboy II.   Kip Adotta has this bit where to says in his neighborhood people would insult you but add on a disclaimer as if it negated the insult.  For example, "Your sister's a prostitute, but not that I mean anything bad by that."  "You wife is butt ugly, but I mean that in a nice way."  "Your kid eats like a starving moose, not that it's a bad thing."

    That's how your review sounded to me in places.   I just imagined  Kip Adotta with you, "That pop movie stunk, not that I'm saying the movie was bad or anything."  LOL. 

     Don't get me wrong, I think you gave a pretty balanced review over all but there were places where the Kip Adotta just came out and it have me cracking up at work. 

    Great show guys, keep up the cool work.



    (aka Umar)