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DC Histories: Justice League

The biggest name in the DCU.

DC Histories: J’onn J’onzz (The Martian Manhunter)

J’onn will always be my favorite Martian.

DC Histories: Doctor Fate

There are many men and women who have taken up the mantel of Doctor Fate.

DC Histories: Huntress (Helena Wayne / Helena Bertinelli)

Whether she’s the daughter of Batman or a mob boss, the Huntress is still a threat to Gotham City’s lowlifes.

DC Histories: Blue Devil

He sold his soul to the Devil and now he’s blue.

Great Moments in Comics History: Justice League America #35

Poor Ted.

DC Histories: Booster Gold

He’s leading the way in today’s Justice League International #5, but what has Booster Gold been up since 1986? Found out here!

DC Histories: Ted Kord (Blue Beetle II)

A Steve Ditko designed bug character who’s not Spider-Man? Yup and we’re talking about him here. Read up on Blue Beetle’s DC History before reading Blue Beetle #4 today!

DC Histories: The Ray

The Ray is back on comic racks today! But didn’t he used to have a fin on his head? Read his DC History to find out! (Spoiler: He totally had a fin.)