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A Q&Q&Q&A About Comic Conventions

To go to a panel is to hear the same ten questions over and over again. But what’s the alternative?

It’s Hard Out Here For a Fanboy

It’s tough to be a comic book fan in a world where comics take a backseat to the very movies they inspire.

The Event Perfected: How AGE OF ULTRON Should Take Over the World

A series can be a hit without being lodged in your throat. It’s true, and we can prove it!

The Inferior Spider-Fan

What are these people so upset about? Have they never seen a comic before?

State of the Ruinin’

Traditionally, there are certain things comic book fans love to complain about. Have those things been dying down lately, or are these rose-colored glasses too thick to see through?

The Most Wonderful Time?

Christmas ain’t easy…for a comics fan.

“It’s Just Comics”

The passing of Joe Kubert should have been an opportunity to pause and reflect on the loss of a wonderful man of legendary talent. Sadly,it also revealed a more frustrating side of comic fandom.

What’s Wrong With You? Boys and Girls

Comics do not have the best track record in treating women in the best way. Let’s do better as fans.

What’s Wrong With You? Don’t Be Creepy

What kind of fan do you want to be?

Comic Fans And Short Attention Spans

An article you probably won’t finish.