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David Accampo: My Life in the Direct Market, Part 3

Despite his best efforts, Dave’s comic didn’t quite reach the audience it needed to sustain a print run, though Sparrow and Crowe still have a future in digital distribution. So what’s next for the direct market, for comics and for Dave?

David Accampo: My Life in the Direct Market, Part 2

Dave embarks on a marketing blitz and his book becomes a reality. Then things get real.

Direct Market Shows Signs of Life In January

That’s right folks. It’s good news.

All Marvel Ultimate Titles to Include Free Digital Copy

A new arms race has started in comics.

Game Over: Marvel Going Fully Day and Date Digital

So that’s everyone, then.

The Digital Age: Better Late Than Never

We’re about ten years behind, but we finally have that future you ordered.

What’s Wrong With You? Bad Retailers

If you’re gonna sell comics for a living, do it well, dammit.