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Talksplode #107 – Rick Remender

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Rick Remender, writer, artist, TV showrunner, teacher, story factory, father, punk rock skateboard kid, old man, and a long time friend of this podcast returns to Talksplode for a record seventh appearance over a fifteen year span. But not one of those chats was Rick and Josh alone, and they get into it.

Where does this creative drive come from? Did comics almost lose him? How did he know to stay on this uncharted path of self determined comic book and story creation? Will we be able to come back and talk about The Scumbag a lot more? With his imprint, Giant Generator set to release a new spate of varied stories, like The Sacrificers and The Holy Roller, Rick gives his first long form interview in 3 years, and we’re very happy with it.

Total Running Time: 01:16:55

Bad Religion


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