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Pick of the Week #900 – The Amazing Spider-Man #929

Show Notes

iFanboy celebrates its 900th episode with a triple-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and special guest Ryan Haupt asked you, the iFanbase, to send them e-mails… and you delivered! Plus, a surprise appearance from an old friend!

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Running Time: 03:06:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:56 – The Amazing Spider-Man #929 (35)

Patron Pick:
00:11:38 – Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #1

Audience Questions:
00:20:48 – The tradition continues as we field questions from the loyal iFanbase for over three hours! Listen as the hosts slowly fall apart, either from drink or exhaustion, talking comics and ephemera to the very bitter end.

  • But first! What are the hosts drinking?
  • Jason R. from Colorado Springs, Colorado is looking for the most influential comic book published since 1990.
  • Morgan B. wants to know if, as a casual Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, he should watch Picard and he wants to know, since he listens to the show at 1.2x speed, would we sound weird to him if we met in real life.
  • Jason S. misses the recurring comedy bits on the show.
  • Greg M. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania asks which dish the hosts cook better than anyone else.
  • Jackie from Queens, New York has two Top Five questions: lightsaber battles and Mark Waid stories.
  • Scott H. from Portland, Oregon wants to know the biggest change in the craft of comic book storytelling since the show began.
  • Chris L. just watched Halt and Catch Fire and wants to know which characters match with the iFanboys.
  • Michael L. from Maryland is curious why Josh prefers Superman: The Animated Series to Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Marcus V. from London, England, United Kingdom asks which comic book the iFanboys have reread the most.
  • Edward A. is confused by the modern usage of the term “anti-hero.”
  • Marco S. from South Africa asks which artist is the best at drawing eating food and which series iFanboy wishes had reached issue 900.
  • Aldwin D. wants to know what iFanboy thinks about Grant Morrison’s assessment of the ending of The Killing Joke.
  • Chris T. wonders if iFanboy has had any good snacks lately.
  • Wes A. asks which recent series Josh thinks would have worked as Vertigo books in the salad days.
  • Stephen H. from Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom wants to know what advice the iFanboys would give themselves back when they started the show.
  • Chris from the iFanboy Data Analytics Department presents his annual report on Patron Powers.
  • Ethan J. wants to know how the world would change if people had tails like dogs.
  • Sam P. from London, England, United Kingdom asks, if outside forces dictated the end of the show, what Josh and Conor would do next.
  • Brad G. from Exeter, California wants to know what everyone’s favorite comic book collectible is.
  • Ethan D. from Vermont is curious if the iFanboy ever bought anything from a comic book advertisement.
  • Ryan M. from Cincinnati, Ohio asks if comic book numbering should stay with the title or the character.
  • Monica M. desperately wants a television show about the history of comic books.
  • Jason M. thinks that it’s long past time to add a new “Age” to the pantheon of Comic Book Ages.
  • Kyle W. is curious if anyone else composes a music score in their head while reading comics.
  • Jonathan S. from Olympia, Washington is looking for juicy stories about podcast sponsorships.
  • Francisco J. is curious how different The West Wing would be if it premiered today.
  • Ilan P. from South Africa wants to know which five non-superhero graphic novels iFanboy would recommend to get someone to appreciate the art form.
  • Patrick K. from North Carolina wants to know which villain organization the iFanboys would want to join.
  • Eduardo R. is curious which canceled/ended series the iFanboys would bring back for 10-12 issues.
  • Patrick A. thinks that the recent success of Transformers disproves iFanboy’s notion that creators no longer move the needle.
  • Teemu R. from Helsinki, Finland is curious what iFanboy thinks about the recent Brubaker/Phillips books and wants to know if Josh still has love for Queen & Country.
  • Sergio H. is not familiar with indie comics from the 90s and wants some recommendations.
  • Justice S. wants to know if there is a moment from the show that is especially memorable for each host.
  • Dan G. has three relationship questions vis a vis nerd fandom.
  • Colm A. from Cork, Ireland is new to comics and new to the show and wants clarification on how and why the major publishers are different from each other.
  • Micah L. sends Captain America through time and wants to know what historical people and events iFanboy would want him to interact with.
  • Erik F. wants to reread the Hickman Era X-Men books and wants to know what the highlights are.
  • Cory T. from Cleveland, Ohio asks which DC stories the iFanboys want to see get animated.
  • Gabe A. from Los Angeles, California demands to know more about the time iFanboy almost pivoted to become a print magazine.
  • Socrates A. from Tennessee wants to know, if the right offer came along, would iFanboy sell, walk away, and allow other people to keep the show and brand going.
  • Edward G. knows why he still reads comic book and asks why iFanboy still reads comic books.
  • Louis K. wants to know if the iFanboys think that they will read comic books for the rest of their lives.
  • Bryan R. is curious if plans are already afoot for episode 1,000.

Patron Thanks:
01:23:01 – James E. McGill

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