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Pick of the Week #850 – That Texas Blood #18

Show Notes

iFanboy celebrates its 850th episode with a triple-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ryan Haupt asked you, the iFanbase, to send them e-mails… and you delivered!

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Running Time: 03:38:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:42 – That Texas Blood #18

Patron Pick:
00:13:10 – Gotham City: Year One #1

Audience Questions:
00:22:09 – The tradition continues as we field questions from the loyal iFanbase for over three hours! Listen as the hosts slowly fall apart, either from drink or exhaustion — for one it’s both! — talking comics and ephemera to the very bitter end.

  • But first! What are the hosts drinking?
  • Ryan from Cincinnati, Ohio wants to know the ideal way to read a big, missing run.
  • Dan C. from New Jersey asks if there is any comic book concept too silly to be adapted to TV/film.
  • Bobby F. from Modesto, California wants to know if it’s hard to enjoy the work of creators who get into ugly social media fights.
  • Bryan R. posits a scenario in which an eccentric billionaire drops $10M on iFanboy. What then?
  • D. Gold from Los Angeles, California wants to know if Green Lantern would make a meat lasagna out of their ring, how would it taste? And then there’s a question about the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and all hell breaks loose.
  • Ed K. gives each host their own Patron Power.
  • Zach G. from Virginia asks about musical biopics in comic book form that iFanboy would like to read.
  • Martin S. wants to know if iFanboy’s view on slabbing comics has changed since their infamous video.
  • Brad G. from Exeter, California asks who would be the ideal non-powered four-person roadtrip comic book companions would be.
  • Wes A. from Fridley Minnesota wants to know when G.O.S.H. comics went out of style.
  • Adam from Orlando, Florida wonders if it was fair to the other members of the Rebellion that Han and Lando were promoted to Generals.
  • Micah L. is about to get married and is looking for advice.
  • Kane T. from Ontario, Canada wants to know why (mostly) Josh often says that he doesn’t know what a comic “is” yet and why it can effect his enjoyment.
  • Corin E. wants to know for which fictional comic book organization would the iFanboys work and which creative team is the most underrated.
  • Michael O. from Buffalo, New York wants to know, if the iFanboys were to join G.I. Joe, what their code name and specialty would be and which other Joes they would take on any Special Missions.
  • Jackie T. from Queens, New York asks for the Top Five Mark Waid stories.
  • Ken O. from Detroit, Michigan needs help breaking up with his comic book shop.
  • Chris from the iFanboy Data Analytics Department presents his annual report on Patron Powers.
  • Mark ‘The Dentist’ C. from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom offers a scenario in which Wolverine might be killed and he asks about the true effect of Thanos wiping out half of all living beings in the universe.
  • John V. from Brooklyn, New York sees superheroes taking over the movies the same way that they took over comics and wonders why.
  • Ilan P. from South Africa wonders why there are no more comics like Sandman.
  • Greg B. from Oakland, California wants to know which comic book runs iFanboy would like to return.
  • Greg M. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wants Josh to say something nice about Ryan.
  • Chris A. from Washington asks if the Titans Tower is the most G.O.S.H.-y headquarters.
  • Ethan J. wants to know what the single greatest line in comics is.
  • Zach C. from Houston, Texas asks a simple question: how much B.P.R.D. is too much B.P.R.D.?
  • Stephen H. from Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom wants to know if Disney could, should, and would buy DC?
  • Wayne M. from Australia asks which made-for-comics fictional city the iFanboys would want to visit.
  • Paul H. wants to know if the iFanboys have a plan for all their nerd shit when they die.
  • Aldwin D. asks the iFanboys to rank the iconic drunk live show performances.
  • Old Many Tony from Phoenix, Arizona wants to know the last time the iFanboys had butterscotch pudding.
  • Kyle R. thinks that the MCU influence on comic books is waning.
  • Tom D. wants to know if the comic book market is shifting away from paper, if there is a name to add to the pantheon with Kirby, Barks, and Eisner, and what the best TV/streaming superhero show is.
  • Chris from Portland, Oregon sends iFanboy a message of congratulations from an old friend.
  • Steve B. wants to know what the end game for iFanboy is.

Patron Thanks:
01:49:25 – Jeremy Gellis
01:51:05 – Alex Waller
01:53:03 – Joseph Trahan

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“Back and To The Left”
Texas is the Reason


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