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Pick of the Week #800 – Batman/Superman #22

Show Notes

iFanboy celebrates its 800th episode with a triple-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ryan Haupt asked you, the iFanbase, to send them e-mails… and you delivered!

Running Time: 03:20:18

Pick of the Week:
00:03:13 – Batman/Superman #22

Patron Pick:
00:14:06 – Inferno #1

Audience Questions:
00:23:19 – The tradition continues as we field questions from the loyal iFanbase for over three hours! Listen as the hosts slowly fall apart, either from drink or exhaustion — for one it’s both! — talking comics and ephemera to the very bitter end.

  • But first! What are the hosts drinking?
  • Alan F. from Orlando, FL doesn’t really read comics anymore but still listens to the show and wonders if that’s weird.
  • Tom M. from Clifton, TN (and the host of The Good, The Bad, and the Nerdy Movie Podcast) wants to know the first and best concerts that the iFanboys went to in the 1990s.
  • Steven B. from Maryland is looking for the best snack combo.
  • Chandler C. from California wants to know what the worst older Vertigo titles were.
  • Patrick K. asks if the iFanboys could go back and relive any comic book decade in real time, which would they chose?
  • Nick P. from Newport Beach, CA but living in Luxembourg has an idea for a new iFanboy Patron stretch goal.
  • Nick P. from Folkstone, United Kingdom has some thoughts about how Superman ages.
  • Steve S. wonders who the new Brian Michael Bendis and Geoff Johns are at Marvel and DC.
  • Francisco J. asks how the approach to the show has changed over the years.
  • Adrian Z. wants to know who the most important character is in the Star Wars Saga. (Other than Wedge Antilles, Hero of the Rebellion™.)
  • Evan C. thinks about the recent discussion around Moon Knight and wonders when reboots and refreshes are justified.
  • Wilfred from Anaheim, CA loved the Make Comics show and has some questions about it.
  • Adam from Orlando, FL wants to know why Josh needs 10 guitars.
  • Alex T. from Minnesota thinks that limited series and miniseries should be the future of comics.
  • David H. from Brooklyn, NY introduces The Batman 89 Popcorn Conundrum.
  • Wes A. from Friedley, MN looks at Image’s spotty publishing track record and thinks that their series should either be shorter or should come out as OGNs.
  • Cornelius asks when Conor, Josh, and Ron were last in a room together.
  • Scott D. wants to know the best “generic” 1990s bands.
  • Bryan R. from Westchester, NY wants to know if it’s as possible to make friends as an adult like it is when you’re younger.
  • Matt from New Jersey is curious as to why the iFanboys try to keep the run time of the Pick of the Week at around an hour.
  • Stephen H. wants to know if Josh and Conor thought about adding a third permanent host after Ron left the second time.
  • William S. from Kansas City, KS (?) knows Josh is reluctant to interview Garth Ennis but hopes he will reconsider.
  • Carol from HR needs the Patron Pick clarified.
  • Chris from the iFanboy Data Analytics Department presents his annual report on Patron Powers.
  • Chris from the iFanboy Data Analytics Department asks to have G.O.S.H. defined.
  • Danny E. from Savannah, GA wants to know if comics are worse now than they were in the 2000s or if he’s just getting old.
  • Robert from Dacula, GA is curious why mainstream comics don’t publish more black and white books.
  • James L. from Vermont asks Josh a lot of guitar questions.
  • Ilan P. from South Africa thinks that the sun has set on the comic book single issue.
  • Ken O. from Madison Heights, MI wants to know when the last time the iFanboys saw each other in person.
  • Mark N. asks for everyone’s favorite Tom King book.
  • Joel L. from Prosser, WA wants to know about everyone’s vinyl collections and want to know why it’s so hard to come across great records at second hand stores.
  • Tom C. from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK asks about the quintessential Hawkeye.
  • Zach C. from Houston, TX wants to know if The Thing has teeth.
  • Lukas B. asks about food in comics.
  • Brian C. from Cleveland, OH thinks maybe comics are too cheap.
  • Frank S. from Phoenix, AR asks if the iFanboys are gods.
  • Marc V. is confused as to why comics advertise so many movie soundtracks.
  • Paul P. from Vancouver, Canada wants to know if the iFanboys read any comics in print.

Patron Thanks:
02:10:56 – Alex Trembley
02:11:54 – Craig Karst
02:13:02 – Richard Luong

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