Week of Strange Girl – Part 3 – The Art of Jerome Opena

Strange Girl Omnibus CoverOne of our long time favorite series over the past 10 years has been Strange Girl from Image Comics, written by Rick Remender with art by Eric Nguyen, Jerome Opena and many more.  This September, Strange Girl is scheduled to get the Omnibus treatment, which is a great opportunity for those of you who missed the series the first time around in issues, or the second time around in trades.

To celebrate the release of the Strange Girl Omnibus, we reached out to Remender to see if he had any unseen goodies he could share with us and boy, did he ever.  Remender gave us SO much stuff that it was too much to fit in one post, so we decided to dub this the WEEK OF STRANGE GIRL and have a week long celebration of the little series that captured our hearts back in 2006.

On Monday, we kicked things off with Remender’s foreward to the upcoming Omnibus and yesterday we highlighted the artistic work of series co-creator Eric Nguyen.

Today we’re taking a look at the art of Jerome Opena.  Fans of Remender know that Opena and Remender have worked closely together on Fear Agent and most recently, Uncanny X-Force. But you may not know that Strange Girl was the first time Opena and Remender worked together.  It was clear, even back then, that not only was Opena a fantastic artist, but his collaboration with Remender would yield fantastic results. In the art below, we see Opena’s layout breakdowns, an inked finished piece and the colored final piece, as well as finished, colored work that appeared in Strange Girl.


  1. I was wondering which edition would be the best pick, this or the limited slipcased edition that came out last year. They’re priced about the same but the slipcase collection contains 456 pages, while the omnibus has 450. Will the omni be oversized, or what extra’s will it contain over the deluxe slipcased edition?

  2. Oh man, Opena. His art is so spectacular. His art in this series has a different look because it was colored and inked differently. It’s still wonderful though–it’s a lot more like FEAR Agent than his Marvel work.