Take That, Todd! Neil Gaiman Wins Lawsuit

In what must be a giant moment of closure, the final appeal is done in the Gaiman-McFarlane case, and Neil Gaiman wins on all counts.


Gaiman was assured that the copyright and ownership if Angela, Medieval Spawn, and Cogliostro are his and not Todd McFarlane’s. Todd acted improperly regarding their use and Gaiman’s entitlement to the proceeds from said characters.

And basically, this is good because we are one step closer to the Miracleman trades. Oh yeah, and justice has been served.

This doesn’t actually clear up who owns Miracleman, other than that Gaiman had ownership of the Spawn characters and was correct when he offered to trade them to McFarlane for the Miracleman rights. It is anybody’s guess what Todd will do now, however. I think we should hope for goodwill and reconciliation rather than spite, because that’s not gonna get use anywhere.

I can’t imagine the characters Neil won his rights to are worth more than the amount Todd spent on his defense, but perhaps it was a pride thing. Like Marcellus Wallace said, “that’s pride, fucking with you.” Indeed.