SDCC 2010: Ugly Americans + CAST INTERVIEW

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Ugly Americans on Comedy Central.

If you're headed to San Diego for Comic-Con International, do not miss Comedy Central's Ugly Americans panel.

When: Friday, July 23 – 10 AM to 11 AM

Where: Room 25ABC

Join David M. Stern (Showrunner and Executive Producer), Dan Powell (Executive Producer), Jeff Poliquin (Supervising Producer), Devin Clark (Producer and Series Creator), Aaron Augenblick (Director of Animation), Matt Oberg (voice of Mark Lilly), Kurt Metzger (voice of Randall Skeffington) and Randy Pearlstein (voice of Leonard) for a behind the scenes look into this animated series sensation!

Featuring a sneak peek of the new season (Starts in October), Q&A and more.

One audience member selected will be drawn into an upcoming episode!

Also make sure to check out the star studded Futurama panel.

When: Saturday, July 24 – 12:45 PM to 1:30 PM

With Executive Producers Matt Groening And David X. Cohen, Cast Members Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, And Maurice LaMarche, Director Crystal Chesney-Thompson, Writers Ken Keeler And Patric M. Verrone
And Animation Producer Claudia Katz

Finally, do not miss he House of Comedy event brought to you by Comedy Central!

When: Saturday, July 24 – 7 PM to 9 PM

Where: The House of Blues in the Gaslamp

Hosted By Pete Holmes On Saturday, July 24 From 7:00-9:00 P.M. With Performances By
Maria Bamford, Adam DeVine, Chris Gethard, Kurt Metzger, Matt Oberg, Randy Pearlstein,
Horatio Sanz And Nick Swardson



And just for your, our iFanboy faithful, we've got an exclusive interview with 2 cast members from Ugly Americans!

First up, we're talking to Matt Oberg, who voices Mark Lilly.

iFanboy: Is it fair to call Mark Lilly the straight man?

Matt Oberg: I think so. He is the guy who is most often appalled or confused by other people's behavior, and that's standard straight man stuff. He's also one of the few characters in the show who is mortal. I am still waiting for the Superman 3 episode where Mark can let his beard grow out and be a huge dick. I am also still waiting for the Police Academy 3 episode.

iF: Would you recommend dating a demon?

MO: It depends on what you're into. Some people like to be challenged. I think no matter what species or mythical figure you are dating the most important thing is to LISTEN. Not only with your ears, but also with YOUR HEART.

iF: Have you ever had a worse roommate than one who wanted to eat your brains?

MO: I once lived in the apartment below a really bad death metal band, (actually they could have been really good, it's hard for me to tell with death metal), but they practiced in their apartment that they insisted they had "sound proofed". I think maybe they had put a towel under the door. I would go up with there and bang on the door and ask them to stop and they usually would. For a death metal band they were pretty accommodating.

iF: Has the show taught you anything about what you would do if the zombie holocaust did hit?

MO: Nothing I didn't already know. I maintain a "go bag" at all times. We all should. Mine has water, a flashlight, some band aids, and a shotgun.



Here's a few words with Randy Pearlstein, who does the voices of Leonard, the 700 year old drunken wizard.

iFanboy: Is there any way to make it more fun to play Leonard?

Randy Pearlstein: I'm in a nice spot here. This character is always doing a little something unexpected, and mischievous, which is fun to play. Bouncing off Oberg, Metzger and the gang is a blast too. More fun could be more rants, which often tell us more about Leonard's history.

iF: If you are a Wizard, what could possibly drive you to drink.

RP: Good question. Probably mistakes of the past. Perhaps youthful indiscretions which Leonard has not yet forgiven himself for. As a young Wizard he most likely would show off for attention, and then go home and think, "how could I have behaved like that. I am a wizard, not a clown. How bad do I need other people’s affection…" Then you have a few sips here and there just to get to sleep. By his late twenties I am sure he started to drift away from his college friends, some may have gotten married or matured differently. They most likely resented his magical abilities and luck with women. This created grudges and misunderstandings which led to mid-day 'desperation' drinking. In those days men rarely reflected on their personal issues, they rather chose to swallow their sadness and move forward. Now, hundreds of years later these wounds have not healed, they have just become the melancholy norm. But don't count him out. He still has more than a germ of champion inside of him.

iF: Do you think Criss Angel has a good relationship with his brothers? Are holidays awkward?

RP: The relationship is difficult. Mom is getting older, and so we made a pact to get along for her sake. However when she passes on, we have a date to work things out. In the Octagon.

iF: Were you ever afraid of being typecast as 700 year old drunken wizard?

RP: I am afraid not to be. I love it. Seriously, I don't wanna go back to the touring company of Legally Blonde the Musical.


Don't miss Ugly Americans in San Diego this week!  Also, make sure to check out the Field Guide!