‘Scooter Girl’ Rides at Oni Press

IFanboy favorite Chynna Clugston-Major is currently in the middle of her new mini-series, Scooter Girl, being published by Oni Press. It’s the story of the guy who has everything going for him (and is therefore an ass) who meets a girl who just wrecks him. He can’t get anything right when he’s around her, and since she doesn’t really care for him, she decides to use her power to ruin him.

Chynna’s done some talking about the project which is in midstream, having already released two issues. Check out her interview at Newsarama.

Clugston-Major offers a different take on comics than most of us get to see regularly. There’s a smattering of several youth subcultures always present in her books. There’s definitely a Japanese influence, but most of her characters seem to be associated with youth movements in the UK, like mods and rudies. However, even if you don’t know what those are, I think there’s something in there to like and relate to.

And besides that, Chynna’s just a rad chick.