All good things must come to an end, so does San Diego Comic-Con. On the last day of the Con, we roamed the floor all day and of course, documented it all with pictures.

Not much happened on the last day of the Con. None of the panels held any interest for us, so we spent all day “combing the floor”, walking up and down every row, making sure that we didn’t miss a thing. The dealers don’t want to lug home boxes of merchandise so the fourth day of the Con is a great day for bargains. The economy being what it is, we didn’t buy as much as we have in years past, but we all managed to pick up a little something for ourselves as well as gifts for our significant others. The most surprising thing of all was that we found a dealer selling original art by some high profile artists on some high profile books (Jim Lee and Batman for example) for relatively cheap prices. It was hard to walk away from that booth empty handed…

Another Con in the books, we had a good time, had some laughs and eat some really good food. Who could ask for any more?