Image Comics Changes Image: Erik Larsen is Now in Charge

Late last week the news hit that Image Comics has changed publishers. After 12 years at the top, Jim Valentino has stepped down and Erik Larsen has taken his place. What this means for Image remains to be seen.

Valentino has done a lot with Image over the 12 years of their existence. He’s ridden the boom wave of late books and chromium covers and converted Image into a powerhouse publisher with several “hit” studios combined with Image Central giving up and coming creators a shot.

I’m a big fan of Larsen, and I enjoyed his short tenure as a de-facto publisher of his own studio when they grew to a handful of titles back in the 90’s. But I’m also aware of why they stopped doing that, because he has difficulty of balancing his own book with the needs of others. So the question is: What will suffer? Savage Dragon or all of Image Central?