End of an Era: Jim Valentino No Longer Head of Image Comics

This must have passed us by, but it seem that Jim Valentino is out as head of Image Comics. While Valentino will remain a partner, Erik Larsen will take over the head office duties. Apparently, sales are not as great as they could be in the eyes of the founders, even though many consider the past few years as being a remarkable time of creative growth at Image.

Business likely moves faster than my opinion, because I tend to think that Image is still under a great creative era, but I suppose the bulk of that was a couple years back. What stuns me is that the article notes that Powers is one of the books about whose sales they are disappointed. Powers is easily one of the 5 best books on the market right now, and has been for some time. And while it’s true that they did lose the 80’s books, I think that fad was safely over.

Seems like they won a lot of Eisners during Valentino’s reign. I hope he gets back to creative work now.