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    zestysugarcane's Recent Comments
    December 27, 2016 6:27 am Great show as always. I have been awaiting your opinions for a while as here in Australia we were fortunate enough to be some of the first again to see this a little before most. I have only had the chance to see the movie once so far, excited for a second showing however now I have had a chance to distill all the great story elements. Surprised all three of you are not giddy about the movie really. Super nerdy and dovetails so wonderfully in to what we already know and love. Yes there are plotholes and yes it isn't a perfect movie but they have yet to create either one in any genre. It's a hell of a ride, I smiled, I laughed and I got to take my three teenage kids to the movies and we chatted all the way home and have done for days about the movie. The dog fights are the best out of any Star Wars movie and finally they let loose on Vader. I also loved the wet and authentically windy environment of the first planet, made it super realistic and felt even more uncomfortable. I personally am happy we get to see this movie having waited so long. I was lucky to have a tour of the set of Revenge Of The Sith with the producer and spent quit a while in the creature work shop, playing with remote controlled wookie faces and Namiodians. Anyway there was a sketch of Tarkin on a white board and it was a major concern to the crew that they felt they had to do it right. They couldn't find a perfect fit but they did their best. I also had a media blackout and was very happy to see the amazing effort they made on creating a new Tarkin, how could you tell the story of the death star with out him. We would have complained if he was not in it. Does this mean we may get more old Obo wan in future outings. I for one would love it. Only a year to go until we head out again. Cheers guys
    December 27, 2016 5:32 am Hi Bundaberg. I could not help but notice the similarities. I too began reading comics with the same John Byrne comic and I too live in Bundaberg Qld. Love listening to this podcast. The only one I do listen to. Often whilst on the tractor or out on the farm, it is a great way to relax. They have suggested so many titles I now enjoy and collect as well as tv shows and movies. I do not always agree with everything they discuss but that's fine we all enjoy different aspects, what is apparent is their enormous enthusiasm for comics and our shared love of pop culture. I never find the speed at which Conner talks to be a problem. I just wish he would do more Michael Caine impersonations. My daughter now attempts them after I got the bug after listening to him. Whatever makes you happy I always say. These guys put in a huge amount of effort weekly, I love the show. They make you feel like they are your old school friends and we catch up and have a laugh