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    July 5, 2020 6:40 pm Hawkeye: Freefall #6 felt like the only choice this week and the characters you didn’t know about in Hope at World’s End were characters Tom Taylor created in his Suicide Squad run. I don’t find them very interesting where Tom Taylor tried to create too many new characters at once, but Suicide Squad #6 is a good jump on point where it was very fun. I don’t want to reveal a certain character’s involvement in that series which is really interesting and unexpected. I did like everything else in Hope at World’s End other than those characters from the Suicide Squad run being in it. I’m very excited for DCeased: Dead Planet which starts on Tuesday and that is still strange to say with Tuesday comics.
    July 5, 2020 6:28 pm The last time I can think of a Dennis Hopeless comic with authentic teen dialogue was X-Men: Season One which was 8 years ago. can’t think of any after that and haven’t read much by him where he writes teenagers to be fair. Mark Waid did a terrible job with teenagers during his Champions run which they have talked about here before.
    June 21, 2020 5:56 pm There is no doubt that Death Metal will sell well which is needed in the industry to help prop up stores. It’s awesome that you love it where you get something out of it, but I don’t know anyone who likes it just like the guys here. His Justice League run is a very difficult read with throwing so much at readers and stringing them along with the bad pacing. Snyder isn’t the same quality of writer like he used to be.
    June 21, 2020 5:52 pm I’m in complete agreement with Josh and Ryan on Death Metal where I will call it bad storytelling. I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to say that Snyder’s Justice League run is terrible and frankly impenetrable for a lot of readers. I have not seen a run in a long time lead on readers so badly for so long with constantly having the team lose only to keep setting up more events. It is a waste of the consumers’ time and I feel bad for the ones who bought every issue. It’s not enjoyable. The red lettering on black is awful and The Batman Who Laughs has sold well with constantly making him a thing where he is incredibly over exposed. He is Bruce Wayne where Joker’s death resulted in Joker gas turning Bruce into the Joker and then he killed the Bat family. If I would want to read a version of that type of character, I would rather just read Nemesis even though things are taken too far in that comic. Scott Snyder isn’t as good as he used to be as a writer and tries so hard to be Grant Morrison when he isn’t Grant Morrison. Introducing breaking the Source Wall and all of the different forces along with walls of texts is not good at all. That final issue of Last Knight on Earth was really bad as far as the villain reveal with that Batman and I don’t believe Snyder when he says he could just tell a Scarecrow story in his sleep where he doesn’t want to at this point. All Star Batman by him with those first 6 issues were really good with great Romita Jr. art and I liked the one shot format of the second arc. However. I just don’t enjoy his DC work anymore. I feel like he doesn’t know how to tell a basic super hero story now where it’s very try hard in conjunction with the art. The writers clearly aren’t talking to each other and don’t care where the end of Doomsday Clock by Johns as a Superman tribute with that set up is better than what Snyder and Bendis are doing.
    June 14, 2020 5:43 pm I respect the Nikki Cross reference by Josh where she was at her best in WWE as part of SAnitY (hate that spelling) in NXT. It’s impressive that she reinvented herself throughout her career from what she would do before WWE, but the Alexa Bliss team is still a bit weird. It’s certainly no Team Hell No with Bryan’s and Kane’s chemistry. It would be nice if Alexa implemented what she learned from Mike Quackenbush in matches, but that still doesn’t happen and I don’t want to go down too far with that rabbit hole.
    June 7, 2020 8:43 pm Just a couple of clarifications when it comes to Tom King’s story from the Catwoman Anniversary issue and that Birds of Prey issue. Tom Kong’s story is technically not an Earth-2 story since that Helena Wayne is the same one from his Batman Annual #2 where she was the future Batwoman or possibly called Batman like at the end of Earth 2: Society. We will see if it ties into the Batman/Catwoman series that still hasn’t been solicited after being announced early last year. I know Clay Mann is slow artist where that still seems pretty ridiculous, but I digress. Then that Birds of Prey issue is an epic journey where originally Brian Azarello was going to do Suicide Squad with Wally West being part of it after Heroes in Crisis. That didn’t happen so then Azarello was going to do a Birds of Prey ongoing which was announced in July of last year. It would have started in October and was then delayed to February of this year while being switched to Black Label. It was announced in December of last year that it was no longer an ongoing where it would instead be a 96-page one-shot while it kept getting delayed. I know Azarello was critical of DC with getting jerked around on multiple projects and it didn’t help with Batman: Damned with the first issue change while having the huge delay between issues 2 and 3 where it took 6 months. Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey is supposed to be 4 issues with the second issue finally coming out in a little over 2 weeks. That first issue came out in February instead of the Azarello issue. Like I said, it was an epic journey for just the one-shot to come out where I would understand why Azarello is frustrated.
    June 4, 2020 10:56 pm I would strongly disagree with the idea that the movie felt like DCeased since DCeased even with horrible things happening still stayed true to the spirit of the characters. This felt like DC’s version of Ultimatum where the brutal deaths and maiming of characters was bad storytelling. It was shock value for the sake of shock value where it wasn’t good. The ending was a cop out and I wouldn’t consider it bold at all since it was easy to call from the first footage shown. It was the easy way out instead of committing to an ending knowing it’s the last one in this DC animated film universe.
    May 30, 2020 11:59 pm I’m glad that Conor and Ron like Picard, but I found it to be incredibly poorly written. Ron brought up Devs which also starred Alison Pill where that show is much better written. Then obviously The Expanse which is a very good show and based off of a great series. Michael Chabon has written great books, but was not suited for Picard since writing TV is not the same thing at all. It didn’t help that it was said to not be like Discovery as a “deep character study” while being more episodic which turned out to not be the case where Discovery also isn’t well written. Then blatantly ripping off Mass Effect was pretty embarrassing in Picard. The writers could have tried harder when it came to the show, but causing Walter Mosley to quit while working on Discovery which was unacceptable with his treatment. Patrick Stewart as a creative part of the show frankly made it worse. He said he wanted it to reference modern day politics and be subtle when it comes to Trump and Brexit. It certainly wasn’t subtle where that doesn’t matter if it’s executed well, but i would say the execution is certainly lacking. Red Letter Media has done a great job reviewing Picard where it just isn’t smart sci-fi especially when characters contradict themselves. The constant murder, excessive violence, and swearing didn’t make it feel like Star Trek either. I still am dumb founded that the writers chose the racist stereotype route by making Raffi the one with substance abuse issues. Picard didn’t care that much about Data either from TNG and that idea only works if you watched the movies. Having the actors play those characters again just simply isn’t good enough as far as I’m concerned. I would like to see a great story that feels like Star Trek instead of dystopian fan fiction. It can be done well like with DS9, but I didn’t see it in Picard and not Discovery either.
    May 25, 2020 2:49 pm I have been on that train too with mentioning Injustice more than once and hoping at least Year One would be a Booksplode. I share that same frustration honestly, but hopefully it is given that chance now. I called it Civil War, but Year One is better than Civil War. Injustice was insanely popular at the time and people were shocked that a video game tie-in was so good while being better than the ongoing flagship comic by Johns. Tom Taylor was also an unknown at the time so putting Johns and Lee as the team was a no brainer with the first arc at the time. I completely agree though as far as it being what the New 52 Justice League should have been and that it is better than DCeased. I wanted Tom Taylor to be the new Batman writer instead of James Tynion even if it would be a limited time with 5G coming up, but who knows how that will go down without DiDio. Taylor has said he wants to do Superman which is his favorite character where I would love to see it especially in light of the current Bendis run. Tim Seeley said he pitched doing Nightwing with Tom Taylor, but was turned down which baffles me. Taylor isn’t exclusive to Marvel anymore so put him on an ongoing where he could write Green Arrow and Black Canary easily. He just gets DC characters so well and I don’t understand why DC hasn’t done it yet.
    May 24, 2020 11:42 am Tom Taylor with the Injustice comic was allowed to do what he wanted as long as it matched up with events referenced to start the game where it put him on the map. It was better as a digital series that was a video game tie-in than the Johns Justice League run at the time which didn’t get good until the Throne of Atlantis crossover for me. It is also based on tragedy just like DCeased since the original Injustice series takes place 5 years before the events of the game with Superman as a tyrant and Batman as the last hero standing against him. You see that friendship break down leading to them on opposing sides. Taylor wrote Injustice: Gods Among Us Year One, Year Two, and then half of Year Three before becoming exclusive to Marvel. Brian Buccellato finished off Year Three with Tom Taylor’s ideas where it was great when Taylor wrote it. It was a good finish by Buccellato even though it’s a big quality drop to years four and five. The first year was like Civil War, the second year is the Green Lantern war, and the third year focuses on characters related to magic where Tom Taylor writes a great Constantine. Tom Taylor is the best Harley Quinn writer besides Paul Dini where I would love to see him write a Green Arrow and Black Canary series. Tom Taylor’s final Injustice issue was originally Year Three #7 in print or chapters 13 and 14 where it honestly is what I wanted the future of the DC Universe to be with Superman imagining how he wanted things to go down instead of what actually happened in the series. It was Taylor getting to write Superman the way he wanted as his favorite character besides one issue in Year One. He then came back for the Year Four Annual as a lead in for Year Five which was really good as a Plastic Man story. He then later wrote the Injustice 2 comic which takes place between the first and second games and it is also great. His Booster Gold is fantastic where the difference between his version and Tom King’s version was vast. I do miss seeing Booster’s friendship with Blue Beetle since it is so well done in the series which was the first time I saw it in a long time. There is a certain wedding that happens which works too compared to other non weddings that year like Bruce and Selina along with Kitty and Colossus. The final issue with Injustice 2 Annual 2 works as a standalone issue and is a fantastic finish for now. I would not be surprised if he writes an Injustice 3 comic since it is inevitable that the third game will get announced. You could even watch the Injustice video games as cut scene movies put together on YouTube. That was much longer than I expected to write, but I do think the context matters.