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    tvli's Recent Comments
    April 13, 2016 10:48 pm Oh, I forgot to add, I agree with many of the input you had on the review. There were some characters that were disjointed (Nuke), and plotlines that didn't fit within the themes, and the episodes should have been shorter, but what I loved so much of this show is that the show felt real. It didn't need a superpower element, and could have worked just as well as a noir story. The one thing that really stood out for me is that it felt like the way people who have been in abusive/rape relationships sounds like the kind of issues they had. Where they were scared to leave or would have PTSD, and did turn to pain numbing things like drugs and alcohol and be promiscuous and have anger issues. I wonder how much homework they did on these issues of rape/abuse relationships. Anyway, thanks again for the entertainment and insight you guys offer.
    April 13, 2016 10:44 pm You guys crack me up. I love your podcasts of movie and tv reviews. I'd like you to do more with shows like Gotham and Agents of Shields. They have gotten better. Or at least talk about the pilot episode or something. There are a lot of cartoon book TV shows that are far superior than many of the superhero movies (to the point that superhero movies are no serial films, much like the movies of the early 20th century -- in essence, the movies have become TV series). Anyway, what's funny is how you guys talked about how hard it was to watch all of "Jessica Jones". It was so full of first world problems -- not having time to watch over the holidays, having to sit the 2 minute opening credit sequence and no finding the time to watch all of the episodes before the podcast. Thanks for the laugh, and I do really enjoy the reviews. Perhaps to save you from the hassle, you could have guest contributors to discuss some of these shows, because my first world problem is that I want to hear reviews of ALL comic book movies and TV shows. Peace