Name: Edward David Gil

Bio: check out: - it's "Catch 22" meets "Three Days of the Condor" - techno thriller in which "Privacy Doesn't Exist Anymore".

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    thevision's Recent Comments
    July 10, 2016 7:13 pm Nicely done, Josh - I was entertained! I was fascinated to find out that you have your own super power: "rapid-fire subject-switching ability" (getting immediately into the next comic after banter - It can't be easy.) The real key for me, however, is that you have hit podcast gold with a new feature I think you should call: "Twitter Rapid Fire" - keep it in! This new (once-a-month?) feature is that you three do round-robin style "Twitter rapid fire" Q+A's. More people get to ask questions and have them read and you guys get to pontificate more (I really WAS interested in your opinions on the types of questions I heard, and imagine same would work with Ron and Conor. Yes, yes?)
    May 2, 2015 11:15 pm The 3 of you have a unique chemistry that simply works. Do these movie reviews with a sponsor - not for us - for the civilians, in a more mass market brand. You provide film reviews utilizing comic book POV and can educate the audience while being your entertaining selves. We all, of course, would show up so you have us as leverage when attracting a sponsor.
    July 17, 2014 2:14 pm "Marvel's new Captain America is black" screamed the main stream media headline and I thought, "Just a stunt", then found out it is Sam Wilson and thought "OK, that makes sense" - SO it is "canon" and not complete offshoot (like, I don't know, the New 52 ! ;) BUT this, and the female Thor (blond, hmm - I've read Ms Marvel rumors online) really shakes up status quo (and, not for nuthin', but Iron Man's new armor looks a a bit feminine, non? ) - - so, larger question: WHY is Marvel doing a shake up like this? I believe comic book division is autonomous and so Marvel (not Disney) decision.
    September 2, 2013 12:07 pm When I discovered you all (and John Siuntres) years ago I realized I was watching the 21st Century versions of Milton Berle beginning to define a new medium. You have done just that, and that can never be taken away. You did it. I'm happy I still get to look forward to a Monday run listening to the pick of the week podcast. That would hurt too much if that was gone. So, onward indeed! (quick Milton Berle story: when I lived in Los Angeles he and I were standing next to each other one evening waiting for our cars at a restaurant. This was when Johnny Carson was leaving the Tonight Show and the fiasco between Leno and Letterman was going on. I leaned over and said, "Mr. Berle, YOU should take over the Tonight Show and show 'em all how it's done." Without missing a beat, he took the (unlit) cigar out of his mouth and replied, "They couldn't afford me." --- nobody could do what iFanboy is all about any better, it's best we all continue this way.... :)
    March 2, 2013 1:41 pm The original joke was by Bill Cosby in a comedy album and it went: "I brought you into the world - I'll take you right out and make another one look just like you."
    January 20, 2013 10:01 am Ron - you are perfect for your new position at Image. A hearty congratulations - I am so into Image these days - find myself checking their new monthly comics along with the "big 2" - and with you there I now feel like I "should" have Image be a part of my comics life (my first comic book was Avengers #58 "Even An Android Can Cry" - you do the math :) so adding Image to my Marvel/DC obsessive hobby (I'm a comics reader, not a comics collector) is a big deal for me and you now make me feel at home at Image. Bottom line - you have taken a wonderful step for you and your iFanboy life will never be the "past" but rather an ongoing extension of your life. Connor, Josh and Paul - I am locked in and on your six; lead on! Having discovered iFanboy about 6 years ago (?) I am madly in love with what you guys do - not only am I not going anywhere I am actually quite excited about you spinning off again. I've "spun the dial" and sampled all the comic podcasts I could find, once I realized such a thing existed, and you are the tightest, most entertaining, and most knowledgeable ("best there is at what you do" - you get it) and Paul is frankly already a part of the Almighty Trio for me. Ron was the heart of the operation - now wait this is not going the way you think - and so you would think that with him missing the Trio has no heart. Not true. Here's why: in no particular order - Conner grounds the endeavor and is a natural moderator as well as having really insightful contextual observations. Josh is "talent" - either comic or comicbook - that is developing in real time, week by week, and he punctuates the proceedings - in addition to equally weighty and serious-minded commentary on story and craft - with comic jabs and "endearing snarkiness" - maybe he invented such a thing. Paul comes on board - actually continues given his constant "sittin' in" status over the time I've listened [ and Tom Katers is the new "substitute teacher" when needed, make no mistake ] and Paul simply sounds wise beyond his years, which is a good thing - and his insight and point of view has always been welcome so I am quite excited about seeing the new team quickly hit their stride. Let's not forget the fourth Marx Brother (and he and I go back to know there were actually 5 of them - anyone name them?) namely: John Siuntres - he is the doyen of comic interviewing - as well as the sports - we're both boxing aficionados - and along with that killer professional voice he is a professional interviewer - I know I was a paid sponsor and he interviewed me about my novel "The Expert On Everything" (Privacy Doesn't Exist Anymore") - see what I did there :) so I certainly hope he remains part of the family because Word Balloon is a part of my regular comic diet along with iFanboy and will continue to be. Anyway, Ron's news was obviously a catalyst for me - I really, really enjoy what all of you above do and am a fan. So keep up the good work - we ARE out here and appreciate the time and effort you all put into this. (Now, seriously, why can't Green Arrow find its groove while 'Hawk Guy" soars to a new level - both are guys with bow and arrows and look at how a simple premise can go based on storytelling chops - amazing). Excels.... - no wait, that's taken. Ta, Edward David Gil aka 'The Vision"
    July 22, 2012 5:10 pm I agree completely with DanGreenfield - Paul's "voice" has become fundamental to my enjoyment of iFanboy..
    May 9, 2012 8:37 pm above Burritoclock i am a boy not a man an i don't care about what i said about Black widow
    May 9, 2012 5:56 pm I think Captain America is the best because i want to be a solder when i grow up i know i am not going to get a very cool shield but that is OK i do know I'm going to get some very cool guns though.My next favorite would be Iron man because he has a huge tower in New york and has a very cool suit and he also get's to shoot lasers from it.My next favorite would be Thor because there was a funny role and it was Black widow said your brother has killed 82 people in a day then Thor said he was adopted so ya .My next favorite would be the hulk because there was this other funny role just and it was they took down one of those big flying things and right after they took it down the hulk punched Thor so ya again.My next favorite would be Hawk eye because i just love how he has those explosive arrows because it's just like beep beep beep boom ya you know so ya.My last favorite would be Black widow because all she has is a pistol and like the fists of fury and fury is there commander's name and that is it so ya and that was 6 avengers by the way in this huge paragraph.