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    thepaul1984's Recent Comments
    September 25, 2008 12:56 am

    @conor.  Hey, the show is awesome and I really enjoyed this one on manga specifically.  An important thing to note about Battle Royale, and most all Japanese youth violence depictions, is that they are solely intended to be social commentaries on the actual state of violence in Japanese youth. Battle Royale is basically, "what if this problem keeps getting worse."  It's an entertaining film, but it also has a real message. I dont know much about the manga adaptation.

    In Japan, they definitely don't view an illustrated rape scene as just a drawing. Anyone could walk into a Japanese comic shop and see that they have entire sections devoted to that genre and more distasteful topics. Big tits in Heavy Metal is one thing, but most of the stuff in Heavy Metal comes from foreign artists so i dont think the rest of the world would view it as negatively as Americans should view japanese hentai, doujinshi and lolicon. Most of that stuff should be completely unavailable, yet Japanese society almost seems to embrace it, or just look the other away. I am not trying to culture bash by any means, so I am sorry if I sound that way.  

    Japan is awesome and their cultue is extremely unique.

    Video Girl Ai is my favorite manga series.