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    May 10, 2012 11:10 am Hey Everyone, Thanks for taking a look! Really appreciate your support and interest. Come on over to our facebook/twitter/website for a whole lot more from Enormous. For those of you wondering about the chosen format for Enormous, check this link: Web: Facebook:!/pages/Enormous/172618619459718 Twitter:!/enormouscomic
    October 29, 2011 3:49 pm Natalie - I sure hope you've come back here to read these responses, because everything posted here is as valuable to your future in comics as reading, writing, drawing, watching, and formal education. Joe's response is in fact, priceless. He's giving you real-life experience worth understanding and modeling your career upon in some sense. In fact, I can swear by what he is saying in many ways. Joe published my first story in Popgun Vol.2 entitled "Loner' - drawn by then relative unknown Ming Doyle. She's since gone on to big, big, much bigger things than I and deservedly so. The story is eight pages, nothing special - a little ghost tale. But I got the gig because I had been helping Joe & Mark by creating a webpage for Popgun. Joe simply asked what I really wanted to do in comics. I replied - write, get published, try and tell a tale or two. The very next volume he gave me a shot. That was 2008 maybe. I'm 44 years old Natalie. I've been reading comics for 32 of those years. My beard is grey and guess what? My first book comes out from Shadowline-Image next July. You can check it out here: The point of this however is not self-promotion so much as it is yet another testament to the fact that there is no set way into this business. Since 2003, I've done websites for the local comic shop, helped indy creators polish their pitches with logo and production design (i've assisted Nick Spencer on every boko he's ever pitched with design work), aided 'names' like Bendis, Brubaker, Kirkman and others market their books, done merchandising for Skybound and production for Shadowline. One thing can lead to another, Bendis introduced me to a television-film management & production company. They gave me gigs. Hell, they got me in the pilot of the Walking Dead for cripes sake! You get out there online, post, engage, ask questions and share your work. Seek out collaborators of a similiar stature and desire - grow with them. Partner and nuture those relationships over time. Meet deadlines, honor committments and even give your time and work away on the behalf of others. Joe paid it back to me. Brian, Robert, Nick and especially Jim Valentino all have - in spades. I'm 44 years old Natalie and I'm a kid again. I hope to see you here taking part and trust me, 'it gets better'. Tim Daniel