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    superspud's Recent Comments
    May 13, 2013 6:15 pm It does seem like this run has been losing some of the Batman luster. I can't speak for Batman Inc., but the book does seem to be getting a little lazy in some of the writing and seems to be running out of steam. I still like the idea of keeping secret identities, but Batman/Bruce Wayne need to be more separated in a more logical or even less complicated way; even if it comes to doing something as blatant as to just clearly show Batman and Bruce Wayne in the same area/place at the same time. Now I may get some flack for this next comment, but it also kind of seems that Snyder is trying to put some "Nolan Batman" cues in this series as well. Not to say that these movies are necessarily bad, but that Batman is very different from the comic Batman (in my opinion) and doesn't seem to work all that well in the comic universe.