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    spocklives1974's Recent Comments
    March 17, 2017 1:15 am In IvX #0, Beast is working with Iso, under the supervision of Medusa, to find a cure for the terrigen clouds, and all three know that the clouds spell death. Iso says to Beast, "I don't know why you're smiling. Mutants are on the verge of extinction." Beast acts like an asshole, taking selfies and talking about the wonders of science. Then they try to find a cure for the "X-Pox," so mutants won't die from the cloud. But at the end of the issue, Beast tells Medusa that there is no general cure, they would have find a cure specific to every individual mutant on earth. Which leaves me to wonder why Medusa is so surprised that the mutants are dying from the terrigen in IvX #6...the whole of issue #0 was them addressing the threat of it! "Why didn't they tell us?" Why are the Inhumans who talked to Beast and worked to move mutants away from the remaining cloud in that issue mentally incapable of taking this leap of logic? Sure, at the end of the issue, when Beast discovers no cure is at all possible, he decides to keep it to himself (because that makes sense), yet no one can figure it out... This is the most lazily written series I can ever remember reading. The stupidity of these characters (how many of them are brilliant scientists?) is beyond my comprehension. I cannot believe that Jeff Lemire's name is attached to this garbage fire. I had to reread #0 because after the final issue, I was like, "There's no way that they couldn't know..." I think the answer is they didn't know because the writers were too lazy to go back and look at their own work to make sure this made some kind of sense.