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Name: Sonia Harris

Bio: I write a column called "Committed" for "Comics Should Be Good" every Wednesday. goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/category/committed/Find a bio and a full listing of my writing about comicbooks at www.secretbean.com.For 18 months I wrote for iFanboy:01/07/10 - So Long and Thanks For All The Fish12/17/09 - The Best Presents Your Dad Will Ever get12/03/09 - Spaced, the couch, and why I don't know what's happening in comic books.11/26/09 - Gratitude: Comic Books I'm Thankful to Have in My Life11/19/09 - Ten Implausible Things About Already Implausible Concepts11/12/09 - Sonia's Linkage: Winter '09 Edition11/05/09 - Sea Monkey Dreams: 30 Years of Advertising in Comics10/29/09 - Avoiding Closure: My unread copy of Planetary #2710/22/09 - Book Adoration10/15/09 - Wanted: Comic Book Stylists10/07/09 - Superhero Creation: Inspiration or Insanity?10/01/09 - Teen Angst Wasteland: the enduring appeal of teen superheroes09/24/09 - Super Villains: The 4 Major Food Groups09/10/09 - Red Herring: Philip Bond interview08/03/09 - Disney and Marvel: Maleficent + Dark Phoenix = Perfection08/27/09 - Reality in comic books - essential reading08/20/09 - Don't mix your reality with my fantasies08/13/09 - Schools of comic book art: Traditional artists08/06/09 - Schools of comic book art: Unconventional artists07/30/09 - Schools of comic book art: Painterly (non-comic book) artists07/23/09 - Sonia at iFanboy: Year One07/15/09 - Comic books are superheroes. Superheroes are comic books.07/09/09 - "You only think you like comic books"07/02/09 - Happy Independent Comic Book Day06/25/09 - Time for a new definition of the supervillain06/11/09 - Sonia's Linkage: from the sublime to the ridiculous06/05/09 - Symbolism in Art and Comics via Seaguy and Caravaggio05/28/09 - The Mundanities of a Seminal Art Movement: Comics in the 80's05/21/09 - Media Immersion Addiction: All Things in Moderation (or not)05/14/07 - Hair in comics, science_fiction, cartoons, and action figures05/07/09 - Logo Design: The Intoxicating Allure of the Undefined04/30/09 - 13 Years Since the Move to San Francisco, and Hellblazer #10004/23/09 - Comic Book Logo Design: Old-School and Reinvention04/16/09 - Joe Shuster's Secret Identity: Fetish and Hypocrisy in Comic Books04/09/09 - The Stench of a Supervillain (getting too close for comfort)04/02/09 - My Most Recent 3 Favorite Comics03/26/09 - My First 3 Favorite Comics03/19/09 - The Sandman Saga: Mind mapping a chunk of my life03/12/09 - The Boys - Perfect Convalescence Reading03/05/09 - WonderCon: Dressing-up for a Better World02/26/09 - The Scent of a Superhero (Getting Under the Skin of Superheroes)02/19/09 - Return to Stack Week Part VII: Stockpiling Entertainment02/05/09 - Quality vs. Quantity - Walking away from comics which don't deliver01/29/09 - The Best Reprints of 2008: Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins on Stage01/15/09 - The Best Reprints of 2008: Heavy Liquid01/08/09 - The Best Reprints of 2008: Signal to Noise12/25/08 - The iFanboy staff go superpowered for the holidays!12/18/08 - Massage, with a happy ending12/11/08 - The Lost Ten Commandments of Comics12/04/08 - Alphabet Soup Nazi: Categorizing for a Better World11/27/08 - Happy Thanksgiving from iFanboy (& our favorite comic creators)11/20/08 - Laura Allred Interview11/13/08 - Simple comics as objects of desire11/06/08 - Top Ten Biggest Bad-Ass Moments for Women in Comics10/30/08 - Horror Comics are_more fun than Horror Movies10/23/08 - Wild and horrible trips that I'll never have to go on10/17/08 - Superhero movies as an excuse to objectify men10/10/08 - Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra10/03/08 - Always judge a book by it's cover, that's what the cover's there for... right?09/26/08 - Elektra: Assassin - This should be your favorite comic09/19/08 - The Unglamorous Secret Lives of Superheroes09/12/08 - Top Ten Most Naked Superhero Costumes09/05/08 - Preacher Feeds My Addiction08/29/08 - Fantasy Superhero vs Attainable Superhero08/22/08 - Still much too excited about the Dark Knight08/15/08 - Final Crisis Requiem: Gone All Gooey08/08/08 - Top Ten Most Shaggable Men in Comics08/01/08 - Comic-Con: Filled with yummy goodness07/25/08 - Obsession: life in comics - Part 207/18/08 - Obsession: life in comicsSometimes I fill in for one of the guys on the pick of the week audio podcast, so if you like, you can listen to me discuss comics with the iFanboys:09/27/09 - Special Edition Podcast: Surrogates movie08/20/09 - Special Edition Podcast: Booksplode #2, Queen and Country Definitive Edition Vol. 107/02/09 - Special Edition Podcast: Booksplode #1, Starman Omnibus Vol. 105/17/09 - Episode 184: G.I. Joe Cobra #304/05/09 - Episode 178: Flash Rebirth #103/13/09 - Special Edition Podcast: Wonder Woman animated movie02/08/09 - Episode 170: Amazing Spider-Man 58509/21/08 - Episode 151: Echo 6And this is what happened when Ron invited me to tag along and interview Mike Allred with him for a video podcast:11/19/08 - Video Episode 97: Mike Allred


soniaharris's Recent Comments
March 30, 2011 2:55 pm Thanks for the mention Josh!

@mikegraham6 (and anyone else who is interested)
- I designed the logo (pretty classic look to it),
- designed the layout of out the front page (again, it is a pretty basic, standard layout),
- the inside front cover (as well as having some fun with Mike's art for that by blowing up a tiny detail of an orgasmic woman for the background on that page),
- the back cover (which uses a version of one of the teaser images we created for the marketing campaign back in November 2010),
- 6 full pages of extra text by Casey and sketchbook materials from Huddleston,
- a logo for that section (which is called "For Which It Stands")
- and finally, the title page, double-page spread montage and coloring on the "Coming Soon" section.

It is a wonderful job that I'm enjoying a lot, made that much easier by Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston's incredible content.
March 16, 2011 7:45 pm OH, I should have made that a clickable link, sorry: http://dissizit.com/blog/?p=10448
March 16, 2011 7:44 pm Since the Luna Bros helped make this awesome t-shirt possible, I think it qualifies for your list: http://dissizit.com/blog/?p=10448
February 2, 2011 2:34 pm Thanks again for the awesome tour Mike! I wrote about it too (and even snuck a photo of you in there, hehe), so we know it was damn inspiring!
December 19, 2009 8:15 pm @davidtobin100 Did you read the article at all? Making a sexist statement and prefacing it with "Not to sound sexist", doesn't make it any less sexist. In the last paragraph I address the issue of these being "boys" comics. If you aren't going to read the article, feel free to keep your sexist ideas to yourself.
December 8, 2009 3:29 pm @lobo No way! I lived around there too for about 6 months. I think it was Falkland Road, right around the time some nutter was stabbing girls on their way to work, (as if walking to Turnpike Lane tube wasn't shitty enough at 8am, without the threat of some bastard stabbing you to death.) It's true, I do not miss the glamor of London.
December 8, 2009 12:33 am @lobo Me too mate! Shaun of the Dead was filmed right where I lived, in Crouch End. It's bloody mental seeing your yard in a film, innit?
December 2, 2009 1:24 am SNUGGIE!
December 2, 2009 12:33 am @iceicebaby Thank you.
November 20, 2009 9:44 pm I really do love cake. Pretty much any cake. Also meringues, and pie too. Oh, and cobbler. I'm crazy about cobbler.