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Bio: not worthy

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    sinsear's Recent Comments
    February 8, 2011 4:44 am Okay dont want to really be "that guy" but there is a good chance that "Originally created by Brian Michael Bendis & David Finch in 2005's New Avengers #4" is incorrect as she was probably already written into Secret War #5 as per bendis script before she appeared in New Avengers #4. alluding to the fact that secret war was delayed because of the art timeline. no guff with me though. Its grea that they are alinging things from the Avengers mightiest heroes cartoon to the non comic following public to this. Anything that can be kept as relevent as possible to the current marvel universe can only assist the entry into current comics for newcomers. It's how I started on the x-men in '95 with Cable and the X-men Cartoon series.

    January 9, 2011 5:47 am okay. after 3 years of sitting on the sidelines and "watching" the chaos and regular verbatium go back and forth I have to say I am finally convinced to :
    A Join up and have my say and
    B: make my presence felt. and
     C: whilst moores works are groundbreaking and relevent for the time. the time of now is all about instant gratification.
     What do I mean by that?
    why is the most popular iTunes downloads for 2010 Glee.
     why has Direct comic book sales declined so much in 2010
    why are the most talked about and so called established architechs of the various universes still messanger boxes for an unheard few pumping their "wisdom" to the consmers on irrelevent levals ie web media.

    why have I decided to break my silent vigalence when compeltely on my way to being paraletic on a saturday night?

    Why are we even making this an issue.

    to quote Jeph Loeb " what is is"meaning that one should not waste time with complaining about a situation, but accept the situation as it is, so that one can either move on or do something about it.

    gotta love the askani 'son.

    feel free to rip me apart I am quite drunk after all.