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    As usual the art on the cover and inside is amazing. However, some of the writing here was unbelievable. At…

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    June 30, 2011 1:06 pm Ive been catching up with the DC news the last couple of weeks and am a little confused about the reboot. first of all i thought it was a total reboot of the stories and continuity, then i thought i heard that this had been clarified and the numbers were being reset and that alot of the continuity will remain, but in this video they talk about the characters being younger and new origins suggesting a tital reboot more akin to my original understanding. Do we know which it is yet and ive missed this info, or will this only become clear when the books are released. Obviiously this would have an impact on some books i buy now and also deciding which ones to read come september
    March 15, 2011 4:32 am

    I'm not a Deadpool fan but from what I've read I think people seem to like the gap between the self image and what the reader sees. So the character thinks he's funny, but he's represented as obviously not, or he wants to be a superhero but gets no respect. In a funny way all the vitriol alot of us comic fans pour on the book sort of works with that whole idea. At the end of the day a radical idea in culture never makes it really big, but the diluted form through the filter of a mainstream vehicle does. In this sense, in a cloak of post modernity, Deadpool appeals directly to the contemporary zeitgeist in a safe mass market way.

    March 5, 2011 6:02 am

    On lateness; obviously there are the extreme that live to go mental about these sort of things and they should be left to argue amongst themselves. But, I do think that it is perfectly legitimate to voice moderate reasonable complaint over issues such as lateness. 

    There does seem to be a prevalence among some comic fans to act as a vanguard for the industry, whereby criticism should be done quietly, or preferably just silently dropping the offending book. It's good that alot of us feel this attachment, but first and foremost we are consumers and it's perfectly valid to treat an unsatisfactory experience in as forthright a way as we would any other transaction. Often moulding our behaviour (such as waiting for the trade to combat lateness) is the only option open to us, but to use an exagerrated metaphor; this is a bit like the battered wife constantly moulding her own behaviour in the hope that her partner will treat her better. At the end the day it's perfectly okay if you're handing over your own money to not just quietly withdraw custom, but to make your dis-satisfaction clear. After all, if it has no influence or affect you haven't lost anything.