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    June 17, 2011 8:24 am The problem is the movie company/producers are too conflicted on what they want to make. THey are not yet "ready" to make a "completely fantastical" full blown "comic book" movie so they tried to make as much of the movie as earthly, serious, and pedestrian as possible around the comic bookey aspects of the film. It's almost like the producers/movie execs are still secretly embarrased and ashamed of the comic book source material for this film and so they tried to make a film about a human who joins an intergalactic police force who use cosmic rings that give them super NOT making a film about it! The people who made this film has gone on and on about how closely they stuck to the source material but it is really only from a "technical" standpoint. The writers and producers stuck closely to what THEY got out of Geoff Jonh's SECRET ORIGIN story as an isolated entity but this doesn't mean in any way that they embraced Green Lantern as a comic book or any other part of his universe.