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Bio: I post comic book art, NBA stuff and pictures of dogs here: I write about rap music with my friends here: I also work as recruiter/head hunter for Information Technology and Creative jobs. Mostly work in the NY metro area but I have positions available all over the country. Check out my twitter @patrickhess1 if your looking for work.



This issue had all of the things that you would expect from an issue of Sex, great dialogue,interesting character development,…

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I think the only clear way I can describe this comic is to post the oddfuture rap prodigy Earl Sweatshirt’s…

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September 2, 2013 6:03 pm Please do. You write comic book reviews with the depth and analysis that they deserve.
September 2, 2013 6:02 pm The fact that you've replied to every comment says it all in itself. You guys rule. You don't need to thank me. I am so grateful that you guys went out of your way to create this community and give comics the thought and love they deserve. I'll def be checking for whatever you guys end up doing. You all rule.
September 2, 2013 5:58 pm Hell yeah. I posted my pull list over there. Lets talk more over there.
September 2, 2013 2:41 pm Hey Paul I love your writing on comics. Are you going to continue reviewing them on any other sites?
September 2, 2013 2:39 pm Hey so I'm thinking out loud about something that came up to me at the grocery store and maybe this isn't the best time but does anybody want to start a comics blog with me now that this site is moving. Anybody that posts reviews or comments more then five times a week could easily channel that into a wordpress blog. It won't be as good as iFanboy but it might help as an outlet. We could do our own reviews, write about whatever we feel like, maybe do a post every Monday with our own pull list from every writer on the site. Ghostman, Wheelhands, APoet, Ithosapien, Nextchampion, TheWill, I know all you guys write enough on here to contribute to your own sites if you wanted to. Anybody interested?
September 2, 2013 11:23 am So sad to see this place go. Great content and more importantly a great community to go to and talk about comics. Will still listen to the podcast every Monday on my way to work. Thanks for all you've done.
August 30, 2013 12:05 pm Fuck Yeah Jimi Hendrix!!!
August 30, 2013 9:29 am @ithosapien: From what I remember from the Untold Story Harras (is it Harris. I don't feel like looking it up now) was in charge of Marvel in the mid to late 90's when everything went to shit and the eventually went bankrupt. I see a lot of what's happening in the New 52 being parallel with what was happening at Marvel during that time. He's pretty much useless outside of being a corporate stooge as far as I can tell. As for Morrison I actually thought cosmic would be a good fit for him for two reasons. One is that it's pretty much the only corner of the DC universe that he hasn't touched yet and based on everything else he's done with say Batman, Justice League, Superman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing ect I think it would be really cool to see what he would do in that space (no pun intended). The other is if you've ever listened to one of his episodes on Fatman on Batman Morrison actually goes pretty in depth on this weird quasi cosmic spiritual experience he had that ended up being the inspiration for The Invisibles that could be explored in a different way with the Green Lantern Universe. I lot of it comes down to everything in existence being a product of one single cell or something. I don't remember exactly but applying that type of logic to Green Lantern in space might be a new twist that could work. As for Snyder and Lemire I think they have been doing work via Vertigo for about as long as Remender and Hickman have been at Marvel (09ish I believe) but I mean seriously what they are doing at DC is heads and shoulders above what a lot of the older writers are doing there. I say why not. I mean you talk about Johns and Bendis but sales wise Snyder is right there with those guys. Superman Unchained and Batman have both been top ten books month to month since they started. Also Vendetti; I tried him on XO Manawar and wasn't really into it but I would like to see more Can I start at his run on Green Lantern and get everything? Would you recommend anything else he's done like The Surrogates or any other creator owned work?
August 29, 2013 4:55 pm Second that on POTW.
August 29, 2013 2:59 pm I was actually wondering if maybe Cooke isn't actually into women. Like maybe that's what he's repressing.