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    l0wbacca's Recent Comments
    April 24, 2012 6:03 pm I think the AR thing is pretty neat and agree with some that it has potential to be way better. And I didnt need to go through the book to figure out what the AR logo was thanks to sites like this and marvels press about it from SXSW. I had the app downloaded in the store before I even bought the book. Granted I know that 'new readers' or people who dont follow comic news wouldnt have known about it. As for the free digital code, Im also lost as to what that's about. I personally prefer floppies over everything and do not foresee ever switching completely to digital (due in part to not having a credit card of any kind or a decent enough device to view them.) What gets me about titles I buy with the code in every issue (namely Avenging Spider Man) is if you offer me this as a way to have the issues all collected neatly together why would I ever go back and buy a trade? I know trades arent only for people who buy singles but some (like myself) do to have them in a nice collected format to read together. If Marvel gives me that for free wouldnt that hurt sales for the book in the long run? At least a little bit?
    March 7, 2012 9:51 pm Feels like someone leaves this comment every time this book is released.
    February 28, 2012 6:04 am Moon Knight #10 looks like the only thing I'll be picking up this week. I, too, am hoping for an interesting "Don't Miss" and/or "Light week, try..." feature.
    February 17, 2012 5:27 am Uhg I remember reading the preview pages of this in the back of an earlier morning glories issue a few moths ago and it was totally sweet, and then I heard the podcast and the advanced praise from the site and I knew I had to pick it up. Then Wednesday comes and my LCS didn't have it at all. SO bummed I had to miss this one...for now.
    February 4, 2012 3:53 pm Moon Knight would be so awesome in this. Didnt he say something in the last ish about how he was a "Secret Avenger"?
    February 2, 2012 12:06 am This book was so fucking awesome. It felt so ...tough, the whole time. Really, really cool.
    January 30, 2012 3:08 pm Anyone know if this would be a good jumping on point?
    January 23, 2012 5:28 pm Damn this sucks. Id really like to see MK get on a good team somewhere, itd be really interesting to see a guy working with a group in his head team up with other 'real' people.
    January 18, 2012 1:28 am Thank you! I was wondering if I was the only one who thought that was a huge detail oversight. No utility belt should be an exciting challenge!