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    kc_amaral's Recent Comments
    May 3, 2015 7:37 pm Conor, you're usually my voice during the podcasts, so thank you for articulating my opinions 99% of the time. This special edition is no different...BUT, I have to disagree with you on Quicksilver. For me, DoFP Quicksilver was nothing more than a vehicle for a special effect. It was a great scene, which I loved, but the overstatements made by the fandom have since turned me into a harsher critic of that version of Quicksilver. Even though he had minimal screen time, I felt the ATJ Quicksilver was much more of a character, and a much truer adaptation. For me, Quicksilver is hot-tempered, arrogant, and annoyed by most people. I felt as if the DoFP version was much less that and much more the precocious and playful type. It's fair, but not QS for me. The "Time in a Bottle" sequence also served to undermine the entire film by making Quicksilver so immensely overpowered that nothing could be done with him after that point. Count me in the AoU camp.