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    juangedeon's Recent Comments
    November 19, 2012 7:01 pm Hey guys, first of all, thanks for the lovely article and the comments:) I'm quite amazed by this. Love the Tomm Coker and BIZ references, I love those guys! I'd like to add some stuff to the article: my first official work was for Bluewater comics: Vincent Price presents (I named the pages as Western Carbohydratus), but I never got paid for it, nor received a copy of the issue. You can check out a journal about that here: http://juantomajok.deviantart.com/journal/?offset=1#/d3pv3rr And thank God, things started to happen: I'm working on a full issue of "Loaded Peacemakers" with Luke Flaherty. It's a Watchmen+Umbrella Academy thing, fun stuff to draw. Also, I've just finished a comic for Darkhorse that's coming out in march 2013. I handled inks, with my brother Nicolas Daniel Selma (http://www.nicoselma.blogspot.mx/) doing pencils. Can't say much, but it's a very famous videogame franchise. We're very happy with the result:) And the animated movie is coming out in about 2 years. It's looking good! It's a Disney's Tarzan+Ice Age+Nickelodeon's Avatar-thing in the Mayan world. Thank you Chris for the article, and all of you guys for the comments, again! Best!