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June 21, 2012 1:58 pm I had missed that too. This makes me wonder if there will be some sort of dialogue between them concerning this. It's not an insignificant detail (especially given the prominence it was given in the film) but with knowing where it all winds up it might have been that this was purposefully floated by Veidt to help justify getting rid of him or something. Who knows how a psychopath's mind works? Alan Moore apparently, since he wrote a whole book of em! :)
June 20, 2012 11:21 pm I didn't even know about that Dr Strange thing, but now I have a burning desire to see it! (I happen to like bad movies, I was a Mistie before they were even doing it!) But a couple of these feel like cheats since they were not even made to be seen (the Corman FF4 for instance) I would have liked to see some of the other more recent terribad marvel films up there, like say Elecktra, or Daredevil, or Ang Lee's Hulk, or even Rise of the Silver Surfer. I mean... Galactus is a big cloud? Can you say "we ran out of money?" And where the hell is Wolverine: Origins? That was a train wreck! Movies can be so bad they are good (like Batman and Robin and Howard the Duck fall into this category, also known as camp) and then there's Wolverine: Origins. Trying really hard to be good, but failing hard.
June 20, 2012 11:02 pm I must be one of like 5 people on the planet that liked Batman and Robin, but that's probably because I am not such a Bats guy in the first place, and the Adam West Batman was the Batman of my youth. I was always more of a Superman guy (it's like a Ginger or Mary Ann choice almost.) I would have voted to put Superman Returns on the list. Superkid? Terribly cast Lois? Stabbed by a chunk of kryptonite but then lifts an entire island of kryptonite up up and away... almost as stupid as flying backwards to turn time back... The casting of Lex was about the only thing it had going for it...and the fact that they didn't even try to replace the already perfect theme music. Hope they note that with this new one...
June 20, 2012 10:55 pm I'd love to hear if they meant to provide this alibi for him for the event in the movie as a way of tweaking the nose of the movie a bit or if this is headed someplace altogether different. I agree that this has been the best of the books so far though. (Although he does get credited with another kill of historic value.)
April 5, 2012 12:13 pm Not sure it was just the art or the general script but I had no friggin idea what was going on thru half this book, especially the beast/sabertooth fight in space. I guess it's a lot more suspenseful if you don't know what's going on, in which case this delivered in spades! I was really enjoying this book up until the last 2 issues that seemed to go off the rails and become a totally different book. Much better than the stick up the ass Cyclops team out on the west coast, which now is all about the AvX series.
April 5, 2012 10:03 am I'd love to see this idea revisited with today's writers and artists. Yes, some of it was a bit cheesy, but some of it was gold too. With all the nostalgia going revisiting 90s ideas (see Marvel's Age of Apocalypse miniseries, one of my fav storylines back in the day but not sold on this new version yet honestly) a big crossover event could be really cool to see... but I doubt either company would see the benefit of doing this now.
March 30, 2012 5:49 pm Also, on the actual topic, AvX #0 wasn't that bad. As a recent returner to reading comics (the new 52 dragged me in) and not reading any Avengers books (although I do read most of the X Men stuff) was pretty good actually. Since they have been printing those same 4 pages from the book in the back of virtually every X book for the past month or two (and I would guess maybe a similar 4 pages from part of the Avengers part of the story in Avengers books) it did have a little bit of a 'hey, I already read this!' feel. I wish they would maybe just include some sketches and a bit of text hyping it instead of printing several actual pages of the books. Would lessen that I've already read this aspect a bit. Marvel isn't the only one that does this though, DC is just as bad, but they tend to do it with graphic novels (that Christmasy Batman book they were pushing in every book for a bit comes to mind) but at least that was a few pages of a much bigger book, rather than 4 out of 20 or 30 (maybe 8 if they were doing the Avengers part in the Avengers books like I assume they did.) I can appreciate what they were trying to do, but they could hype it with less actual 'lets just preprint half of the book'
March 30, 2012 5:41 pm One of my LCS actually was saying on the radio (they have a weekly Wednesday visit with the owner on the morning show) that they indeed got shipped a bunch of #1s and he said (again, on the radio) that unless he received a letter to his store personally from Marvel/Diamond before they opened, he was going to sell them that day. The audacity of going on the radio and announcing to thousands of listeners (most of which couldn't care less actually) that he planned to break the rules and sell on the same day as #0 knowing he wasn't supposed to is just baffling. The store I use (the owner is a MUCH nicer fella) didn't get any #1s and he wouldn't have sold them even if he did. The store breaking the rules (I know people that did go there and buy a copy) was Marvels and Legends in Cape Girardeau MO. I figure if he can go on the radio and blatantly advertise that he is breaking the rules, he shouldn't mind that someone posts that info on the internets. And no, this isn't sour grapes because I didn't get one, I could have just gone down there and bought one if I wanted it that badly, but I think it would be nice if Diamond/marvel actually took some action on those knowingly breaking the rules maybe stores with less than reputable practices might actually think a bit more before breaking those rules.