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    hothamwater's Recent Comments
    August 4, 2017 8:11 pm Haven't actually seen MotP yet, but I always enjoy listening to these episodes. Here's my theatrical Batman list: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Batman Begins 3. Batman: The Movie 4. The LEGO Batman Movie 5. The Dark Knight Rises 6. Batman & Robin (it's not a GOOD movie, but it vacillates between camp and so-bad-it's-good throughout, making it hilariously watchable) 7. Batman '89 8. Batman Returns 9. Batman Forever 10. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Conor's surprising ranking of the third Nolan Batman inspired me to go on a deep dive of your Batman theatrical film special edition shows. I'd love to know what changed between when he originally watched it, when his opinion on it was more or less that there were some problems but it was an all right film with a really good ending and some great performances, and today, when it ranks below BvS and the Schumacher films. I don't remember Conor's initial thoughts on BvS, and I haven't gotten to that episode yet, but I thought the placement was notable especially in comparison to the Lego Batman Movie, which the three of you all seemed to think was fun enough but ultimately a kind of lackluster outing. It's always interesting to see how opinions change! I actually just watched the Rises for the first time in a few years, and I think I'd agree that it doesn't hold up super well, particularly compared to the rest of Nolan's excellent oeuvre. It's sooooo long...