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    hoaznod's Recent Comments
    June 20, 2011 11:56 am I think I would have liked this movie a lot more if it came out before Thor. 

    Thor wasn't the best movie, but it took an absolutely ridiculous character and made him work on screen.  It was a movie that had to split it's time between an alien world and Earth.  It was a movie that had to introduce a character that the general public knew absolutely nothing about in addition to setting things up for future movies later.  It also had a cast of supporting characters that responded realistically to Thor, and had a lot of interesting and hilarious moments together.

    Green Lantern failed on all of those accounts for me.

    - I only started reading comics a couple of years ago, but I never though Hal Jordan was a straight up douche bag.  All I think of when I see him is him endangering other people's lives to wrap up a present, while calling other people names.  Thor was an ass, but it mades sense since he was a god.  Hal Jordan was incredibly unrelatable.
    - I never believed the Corps was the awesome organization as it was suppose to be.  They get rocked by the cloud of death the first and only time they do anything in the movie. 
    - There wasn't enough time spent on OA and training to be a Green Lantern.  He seriously spent only one day getting there, training, and coming back.  It wasn't even real training.  It was just Kilowog and Sinestro giving him lectures.  Apparently all you need to be told to be a Green Lantern is to focus.
    - Hal Jordan's first real action sequence with powers made absolutely NO sense at all.  Hot wheels?  Just catch the plane!  There is a difference between inventive and unnecessary. 
    - The movie was unashamed sequel bait.  It had way too much packed in together, and it felt a lot like Spiderman 3 to me in that sense.  It wasn't as bad as that movie of course, but it was felt rushed.

    These are just a fraction of the things that made this a bad movie.  Then there are the things that made this a bad Green Lantern movie.

    - Does Hal Jordan just tell everyone he's a Green Lantern? Coming from every other super hero movie, this was just really strange to me that he didn't even think twice about it on multiple occasions.
    - Was that even Sinestro?  I feel that they changed his character almost as much as they did Paralax.  Speaking of which...
    - CLOUD???? Did we learn nothing from Fantastic Four?
    June 19, 2011 6:25 pm To put things in perspective.  The last super hero movie to feature a giant cloud as an enemy got a 36% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and made $131 domestic and $157 foreign for a total of $289.  

    It only took four years to forget the travesty that was Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.  Although if Green Lantern did well, maybe Loki will become a giant cloud for the Avengers movie.  That would be rad right? 
    June 16, 2011 1:30 pm I think THE problem is the fact that someone at DC thought it would be a cool idea *wink wink* to have only 52 books.  It's so self masterbatory and pointless.  Why set such an arbitrary number that limits things creatively?  In a couple of months that number is going to get bigger or smaller anyways, so what's the point. 

    They should have taken this time to sit down with ALL creators, both new AND old, and seen how many good ideas there were.  I know that they have to make certain brand new books, but there should have been the same number of books as there was good ideas.  This is such a great idea if it was about good comics.  Sadly this is all for the money and free press.