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When I first decided to start buying comics again, not knowing any of the status quo or who Johnathan Hickman…

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Amidst delays and everything else, issue 2 of Uncanny X-Force still maintains it’s place as my favorite X-book, despite it’s…

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I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rucka and Williams’ Batwoman stories in Detective Comics. I mean, the writing was good,…

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January 19, 2014 8:16 pm superior spider-man has double-shipped almost every month. #1 was in january with the rest of marvel now.
May 23, 2012 6:50 pm I think you covered this in an article or even on the podcast - but I've wanted to get into the IDW GI Joe for awhile... but don't know the order of the trades and all, if the series' are tied together, etc etc. Anyone care to point me towards some things?
May 22, 2012 7:34 pm hey that's awesome! Took notice of Ethan a year or so ago on the Comic Geek Speak forums, doing that Thor sketch among others. Definitely the upstart artist I wanted to contact more than any other to sketch some stuff for my stories, glad he got the Bluewater gig though, maybe a Bluewater comic worth reading for once?
May 7, 2012 2:01 pm i know people see it ending and i see it too. but i would be ok with this book going on forever.
April 4, 2012 3:18 pm Flashpoint: Knight of Vengeance is the only DC proper thing nominated at all. That being said, the Penciler/Inker category fucking rules
April 2, 2012 1:26 pm yo for those of you with comcast or other cable company providers - is there a reason why Green Lantern isn't On Demand when Young Justice is?
March 20, 2012 10:05 pm This has been great.
March 20, 2012 10:04 pm its not like Denys Cowan is a pushover
February 28, 2012 3:49 pm Action Comics - the 1st issue is still in the top 5 best issues of the entire relaunch. every issue has been weaker than that, and it's really a shame that it hasn't been more about "commie" Superman for the people. It just doesn't make sense. The first year should've been like the first issue, now it's just jumping around and it's the worst Rags Morales' art of his career. I still like the book and will continue reading it, but this SHOULD be the best book in the line. It's not. All Star Western - More or less my favorite book of the bunch, but I'm biased because Palmiotti and Gray's Hex is my favorite character and I'm a big Western fan. Loving Moritat's art. Issue #5 was really great in the cave. Just big panels, great coloring and great writing. Do I miss the previous Hex stuff? Sure - but this is workign better than it could have been and while the backups haven't been great all the time, they're fun. Animal Man - For sure deserves the praise it's gotten. I don't think the writing itself is anything spectacular, but it's really fucked up and I love that it just WENT FOR IT. Sad to see Foreman go, but it'll still be good. Aquaman - Reis' art is great, but the story and the writing is pretty subpar so far. I dropped it at #5 (which was the best issue of the bunch), but I read #6 this week from a friend, and it was horrible. Anyway, I'm glad that a top-tier writer is writing Aquaman, but the book isn't good enough to follow religiously. Batgirl - Really disappointing. Not terrible or anything, but just nothing truly interesting happening here. Batman - Astounding work for the most part. Terrifying, beautiful. Deserves every bit of praise it got at the CGS awards. Batman and Robin - The most underrated book of the relaunch? Way better than I expected it to be and some of my favorite art/coloring in comics right now. Batman: The Dark Knight - Dropped after issue 2. Terrible. Batwoman - I feel like JH Williams upped the ante even higher than from his amazing work with Rucka. Just a great book and I love that he ends issues without a huge cliffhanger like all other books. Haven't read the Reeder issue yet, but I've been enjoying the supernatural elements of the book a lot. Really great. Batwing - Mixed feelings here. I've been enjoying Ben Oliver's art a lot and I think it's much better than Winnick's Catwoman, and I'm glad he is a mildly successful NEW character, but it's a bit inconsistent. I dropped it, but my good friend counts it among his very favorites so I've been reading them - interesting to see where it goes. Birds of Prey - Definitely my surprise of the relaunch. Had no tie to the female characters in DC before or anyone on the creative team and while this isn't groundbreaking, it's quietly one of the most consistent books in the line. I love Saiz' work here and am interested to see what Foreman does. (though part of the draw originally was Saiz' really clean lines) Blackhawks - Shame it got cancelled because the last couple issues (5 & 6) were really great and I think Costa is getting his footing. Really like the concept and would have loved to see it work, but knew it was doomed from the start. Sad to see it go. Blue Beetle - This is a book I definitely WANT to succeed. I love Blue Beetle and think Jamie Reyes is an important character moving forward in the DCU (just like Kate Kane is), but the book definitely left a lot to be desired. I dropped it, but downloaded #6 digitally after seeing CBR gave it 5 stars and it really blew me away. Will see if it continues in an upward swing because I really want to support the book. Love how bright the book is too. Captain Atom - One good issue, 5 mediocre to bad issues. Catwoman - ^^^. I like March as an artist a lot, but have no buy-in for this book. I know some people think it's great, but I think it's mostly subpar. DC Universe Presents (Deadman) - I love the concept of DCU Presents, so I'll probably get this book as long as it's pretty good. This was the case for this arc. Nothing great (writing and art), but decent enough. Doesn't do much for the Deadman character though to me. First issue of Didio's "Challengers" was both awesome and terrible, so we'll see where it goes. Deathstroke - Totally fun, but I dropped it. Bummed Higgins and Bennett are leaving because this would be the kind of book I would pick up if it was a slow week and wanted some popcorn fun. No interest in Liefeld doing it though. The scene where Legacy throws a submarine at Deathstroke? Awesome. Demon Knights - After the first issue, I think I had this ranked as the 2nd best book in the relaunch. It's fallen, but I'm still glad it exists and I think that it's still on it's way to become something special. Cornell just has to introduce these characters to a new audience. Once that happens, shit is going to get real good. Detective Comics - Has no reason to exist. Flash - Beautiful book, competent storytelling. I know a lot of people who think it's the best "superhero" book in the relaunch, and it's pretty fun and all and The Flash is one of my favorites, but I didn't really care for the opening arc as an actual story. Really excited for the Captain Cold arc though. Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. - Totally adore this book. Lemire's totally just having fun here and it's unlike anything else he's written, and it's great. I think Ponticelli is the perfect artist for this and it's some of my favorite stuff. Just dark lines and huge monsters and it's insane. Really excited for what Kindt will do on this book, think it's a perfect fit for him. Fury of Firestorm - Maybe the most disappointing book of the relaunch? Firestorm was supposed to become one of the most important characters in the DCU - I read the first 4 issues and they were all a pain to get through. One of the absolute worst. Maybe it's better now, but I doubt it. Really wish the Atomic Robo guy's story idea got picked up, if this book was FUN and could still convey Ronnie and Jason as insanely powerful, we would be a lot better. Green Arrow - Somehow Giffen and Jurgens ended up writing a book worst than JT Krul. What a joke. Fingers crossed for Nocenti and Talibao. Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters in theory. Green Lantern - Just burnt out on Green Lantern and I don't think this is as good as it should be. Green Lantern Corps - It's been kind of fun and epic, but pretty poor writing compared to the past. Dropped it. Green Lantern: New Guardians - Again. Just too much Green Lantern at this point. Art is pretty but no interest in the rainbow corps anymore. Grifter - Another huge disappointment. Does it get worse than Scott Clark? Not really. Hawk & Dove - Worst of the relaunch by far. Just horrible. COuldn't even read past issue 3. Painful I, Vampire - This has been really great. Love the art, love the writing and while it's moving kind of slow, I'm really interested to where it can go and the ramifications it can have on the DCU provided enough people read the book. Justice League - Don't understand the hate for this book. Has been a total blast. Awesome art, awesome splashes. Hilarious, popcorn writing. The whole "We Got This" thing that people were up in arms about is ridiculous because it's supposed to be absurd. Really really fun. Justice League Dark - A bit confusing to be sure, but enjoying Janin a lot on it and still excited this book exists. Will be really intersted to see where Lemire goes with it, makes it a bit more straight-forward and horror oriented. Justice League International - Fun. That's about it. Nothing too special, but a nice classic superhero book. Legion Lost - Another book I really want to like. Haven't read the original mini, but I like the concept and I've wanted to get into some Legion characters for awhile, so a truncated cast was a good way to do it. It's been a pretty confusing and disjointed book so far though, but pretty fun. I think with a different writer, this book could be really great - the art is certainly fantastic. Legion of Super Heroes - I've still been following this but I have almost no idea what is happening each issue. Men of War - Really liked the direction this book took when it had a successive story in #5-6. Still think it's a great idea and all, wish it wasn't going away. Mr. Terrific - One good issue (the really trippy #5), but mostly forgettable. Nightwing - On the fence here. I like Dick Grayson a lot and like the circus story here and Barrows is putting out his best art of his career as far as I'm concerned, but it's been a bit inconsistent as well. Nothing too special, but good superhero storytelling. OMAC - RIP. Loved the art, it was silly and all. Wish it could stay. Red Hood and the Outlaws - Said something about it in the Red Hood thread. The art is amazing in this book and the actual concept is really cool, but Lobdell is overwriting the hell out of this book to the point that it totally ruins it (same as Teen titans and Superboy). Just tone it down dude and stop trying to be "clever" amidst Claremont-levels of writing. It's not working. Red Lanterns - I think this book sucks and shouldn't exist. Resurrection Man - My favorite concept and it's not quite delivering. I'll keep buying for awhile, but I hope it picks up soon. The Savage Hawkman - Could have been so awesome. Why is Tony Daniel writing this? I mean seriously some of the absolute worst dialogue I have ever read was in issue 2 and 3 of this book. Art is pretty cool, and the concept that Daniel has or at least pitched at cons about Hawkman sounded AWESOME. But jesus, what a joke. He's supposed to be in the Justice League soon? Gimme a break. Static Shock - Deserved to be cut. Art and story were bad. Like the character a lot though, hopefully they can find a good footing down the road for the Milestone guys. Stormwatch - Decent, not as good as I expected it to be, but not terrible. Excited for Milligan on this though. Suicide Squad - Couple of good issues, couple of really poor issues. I think it's important for Suicide Squad to exist though, so I'm all for it picking up again. Superboy - Really cool art, really poor story/writing. Supergirl - Mahmud is quickly becoming one of the best artists in the biz isn't he? Really love this book - total surprise. Superman - Like this a lot more than other people do. I think it's a ridiculous throwback and is fun for being so. Lots of words obviously, but I enjoy the art and how obnoxious and dated it seems. Will drop after the Perez arc though. Swamp Thing - Amazing. Can't wait for more actual SWAMP THING stuff, but man this book is the complete package. Teen Titans - Pass. Voodoo - Getting rid of Marz was the wrong decision. Marz's issues weren't perfect or anything but were way better than the 2 that Williamson has put out. Dropped. Great art though. Wonder Woman - This is going to go down as an all-time classic, I feel. It's not my favorite yet, but by the time the first few arcs are done and assuming this creative team stays together for the most part - I think this is going to be something really really special.
February 20, 2012 7:40 pm I'll be at the Con all 3 days, most likely. will try to attend the party.