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August 22, 2017 12:40 pm During the discussion, I thought I heard Ron say "Once a year".
August 21, 2017 4:45 pm Great show as always. Just an FYI, the 5k goal on Patreon promises a BBQ show once a quarter, not once a year.
May 15, 2017 4:09 pm I don't think Bearded Cheers Frasier is up for debate. He is clearly the Alpha Crane. I don't tweet, instagram, or facebook, but I am listening...
November 30, 2016 1:20 pm Speaking of great titles that stop mid-stream...Can we pour one out for long lost Orcstain?
October 25, 2016 5:46 pm You had me at "Frankenberry fan-fic". Great interview as always. Thanks Josh!
August 15, 2016 5:00 pm I had the exact same reaction Josh did to the Flinstones. Now I want to know more.
June 21, 2016 1:45 pm I think shared universe's are more difficult in the creator owned model. Not impossible, but more difficult to coordinate as editorial does not have the same control as the big 2. Unless you have one or a group of writers decide before hand. I wonder if such a thing has ever been pitched- Ron? Personally I think it would be pretty cool if say during the the 'Saga' hiatus they could bring in other writers to write 1-3 issue stories taking place in that universe but without impacting the main story.That might be a neat way to grow a shared universe organically. Again though, that might be difficult to figure out the ownership rights if one those stories took off. Ron, do you know (or can you comment) if such a thing was ever discussed at Image?
June 10, 2016 12:25 pm Thanks for doing this! As always, great insights into craft, process, and creator personalities.
May 23, 2016 12:34 pm Well done gentlemen. Thank you.
May 16, 2016 4:43 pm "Re: the “garbage” backlash, I’m guessing Ron was expressing himself sincerely while also doing a bit and channeling Radtke’s Star Wars Minute (Star Waaaars Minute) week-long freak out. For me, Ron’s take was 50 percent funny, 50 percent obnoxious, 100 percent entertaining. “Garbage” was the take-away, but in reality he had a lot to say about the movie besides that." Agreed.