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    deathcheckedin's Recent Comments
    August 11, 2011 1:46 pm amazing, lol, I cant believe someone looked at "Peanuts" and looked a Jaws and actually thought "This might work...."
    July 28, 2011 12:05 am @darknite125  he DID finish Nemisis

    Anyway, I feel Millar does great work with pre-exsisting characters like Wolverine, but when it comes to his own characters....they feel ripped off, obvious, and cliche
    July 23, 2011 4:24 pm @ed209AF  The Torch Suit was in a case during the Stark Expo. It can be easy to miss

    I think Cap was a great film that brilliantly portrayed the WWII patriotism and cheesiness of the early Cap Era. But it also managed to mix in the awesome Brubaker-esque WWII scenes. Every single character was portrayed convincingly and I have to hand it to Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving for going all out with the characters. My favorite scene was the end, when he runs out into modern day New York, paralelling his chase scene earlier in 1940s New York. It gave me a sense that the world changed dramatically in the last 70 years and Cap is like a fish out of water. Evans gives a good performance pre-serum and post serum by playing them differently but not drastically. He made me believe that he was the Red, White and Blue boy scout. One last praise goes to Stanley Tucci as Eskrine, who gave depth to the character as well as his views on right and wrong. He was not played as a doomed character, he was played as central figure in Cap's history, as he is.

    The Avengers teaser was enough to  make me scream with joy. Up until yesterday, I still had a hard time accepting the fact that this is happening. A major milestone in movie history, never before have so many characters from so many different movies been combined into one movie. And obviously, this is a huge turning point in comic book movie history, where the unthinkable is actually being done. The teaser also did a great job of setting a tone. It gave me a sense of an urgency and a sense of an epic scale.

    Overall, I feel that Marvel Studios has done it. They have made a film based on a character with an argueably difficult sense of realism. They made the plot, costume, characters and world seem believeable. And now, we are going to get the grandaddy of the all, and Summer 2012 can not come soon enough