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    May 26, 2011 11:40 am awesome stuff by an awesome artist
    December 2, 2008 1:22 pm

    Bonus Question: Spin State by Chris Moriarty - Great SF Noir (that's science fiction not san francisco) read. Just finished reading it and it was awesome but probably not everyone's cup o' tea. Synopsis: While fending off the romantic advances of an AI, Major Catherine Li investigates the death of Hannah Sharifi, a scientist born from the same genetic mold as she was.

    July 18, 2008 8:25 pm

    I went to see Hellboy 2 today. I loved it. Lots of fun. Granted I haven't read the comics but I did enjoy this more than first live action movie or the two direct-to-video animated movies. I enjoyed the creatures even if some of them were reminiscent of the ones from Pan's Labyrinth or a Miyazki movie. Possibly they tried to pack a little too much into this movie but I had fun and did not feel at all like I had wasted my money or should have waited to see it on DVD.

    I listened to your podcast after seeing the movie and was suprised you guys didn't enjoy it more than you did. I give it a glowing thumbs up and on the whole think it was better than Iron Man, but just barely. Iron Man was also great. One thing that Hellboy 2 has IMHO over Iron Man is a better final fight scene. Maybe I'm comparing apples and oranges though. They were both great movies but for different reasons. There was no Robert Downey, Jr. performance in Hellboy but Iron Man didn't have the amount of eye candy that Hellboy did.