Name: Cruel Kev

Bio: I was a big comic book fan back in the late 70's / early 80's. (Howard The Duck was my favorite.) But over the years I drifted away from comics. The stories didn't grab me any more, The art work was becoming more avant-garde, And the prices were continuously rising. TheĀ  glory days were over.I recently upgraded iPods and found myself with alot of extra storage room. I started playing around with podcasts, And came across IFanboy. The reviews and updates were enough to wet my appetite. I have now set aside Wednesday night as "Comic Book Night". I haven't yet setteled on what titles to follow. But I have reconnected with my local comic book store. (The Source in ST. Paul [Falcon Heights] MN) I have been rebitten by the comic book bug! And I love it!

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    July 12, 2010 4:16 pm The $12.95 price tag is enough to keep it out of my hands.