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June 11, 2011 3:36 pm

now that we've seen the Superman books, in my mind it's official that DC has no idea what to do with him anymore, which i hope isn't the reason we're going through all this now . . . i find that i'm curious to peak at each of them, but can't really muster much excitement. Morrison can be inspired, but, personally, i'd rather he take time off a regular series and write the final Seaguy series . . .

i actually think that Supergirl's is one of the better redesigns, though i could do without the funky collar . . .

@bhannaoh: as much as i like Booster Gold, i wasn't surprised that his series got the ax. but, he'll be in JLI, written by Jurgens, so that's a pretty good consolation for me. i would assume that the new anthology series fills the function of Brave and the Bold.

June 4, 2011 1:01 pm If you're looking for a Vertigo title, I would highly suggest giving Unwritten a try. In my opinion, it's the best book being put out by anyone right now. There should be trades out there. I suppose that there's no word yet on how the reboot effects Vertigo, especially characters like Swamp Thing that have always been part of both lines?  

Also, I agree that Magento's connection to World War II should be kept for as long as possible. I suppose if The X-Men are still being published fifty years from now, they may need to get more creative, but why worry about that now . . ?
April 29, 2011 3:01 pm

Boy, do am I glad that I read this issue right away, instead of sitting on it . . . I liked the story, and thought that it was well done.  In the world we live in today, how could Superman step into a delicate situation like Iran without being torn apart by the pundits on one side (or both) of the political divide.  One of the reasons, I am enjoying Brubaker's recent issues of "Captain America" is how they acknowledge that in our polarized culture Bucky could never just say "I was under mind-control" and be given a free pass.  It would become a political/social issue.  I don't think that Superman is renouncing the values that the Kents taught him, as much making a, very public, reminder that how he acts out those values are his own private choices.  As for the Chamberlain comment above, remember that this whole mess starts when Superman lends his support to a group of people trying to stage a protest against an unfair government.  If anything it's a call to greater action against the leaders of Iran, not less . . .

Also, correct me, if I'm wrong, but isn't Goyer still the screenwriter for the next Superman film, and if so, who thinks that DC just gave us a teaser of what the feel of that movie is going to be . . ?