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May 15, 2013 6:08 pm Well I know so far a lot of people liked it, but count me as thinking it was terrible. I really liked what Johnson brought to the table with Kara; she was young, child-like, wide-eyed, curious, stubborn, sad, etc. Where as with this issue from Nelson, all I got was joke-fest; and this seems to be a really common theme in the new 52 in how they portray woman; bubbly and jokey. Though I did like the last splash page; it had a lot of emotion behind it. I'll stick with it because of Asrar, and the hopes of it returning more to like Johnson's work. But so far, I wasn't impressed. I really don't want to drop another Super-title.
April 18, 2013 12:14 am Let’s call a spade; a spade. Did most of the nominees deserve a nomination? Yes. But the idea that DC only got 3 nominations is absolutely absurd. Snyder, Capullo, Azzarello, Chiang, Cooke, Francis Manapul, Amanda Conner, Mahmud Asrar. Not one? Really? I know this is a commonplace thing for awards (*cough* Affleck for Best director), and I know some member here are more loyal to Marvel than to DC, but doesn’t this just feel very wrong? Plus, the idea that he read them after-the-fact has no meaning or added value to me. He already has a predisposition on those creators. Let’s say I hate Bendis as a writer (I have him on my BLACKLIST). If I had to judge him for a nomination, how does that change my position on Bendis? I’m going in knowing I dislike the guy. That will always be there.
December 11, 2012 1:02 pm Yeah I got the same feel. I don't how it will be shot in sequences, but if it continues to look anything like the trailer does, it will have strong consideration for Best Cinematography. This could be really exciting for Superman fans now. Finally.
December 11, 2012 1:01 pm "What was I supposed to do? Just let me them die?" "Maybe." Wow... chills. Count me as very excited. Looks like the supporting cast is going to be very strong and Cavill (Tudors!) I think will be perfect. I also loved the moment of young Clark on the bus. It reminded me of the animation series.
October 10, 2012 11:06 pm It was okay. I think if I wasn't a Green Arrow fan, I wouldn't continue watching after the pilot. But, I'm a big Green Arrow fan so I'll definitely give it some more time. Here's my pros and cons so far: Pros: - Acting. Stephen Amell did a good job as Oliver (as long as they never ever do a voice over again) and I think he has the charisma to carry the show. I was honestly most impressed though with Katie Cassidy as Dinah and the guy who played Detective Lance. -Ending. Nice little cliff hanger at the end, and it made me want to keep watching. Actually the last 10 minutes felt a lot better than the beginning of the show. - Fight scenes. I like how they made Oliver move, and his use of the bow was really good. - Potential. Story-wise they are obviously setting a lot of things up, and that is the type of show I like. It looks to be more season driven story line than monster of the week episodes. I also am looking forward to the Oliver Queen stuff, more than the Green Arrow stuff. Cons: - Bad CG. Anything revolving the island looked incredibly bad in my opinion; especially the constant sky replacements. Even the fake beard on the island was atrocious and looked more like a Halloween costume. - Cheese. While I did complement the fight scenes, there were a couple of times where they had to throw in cheesy 'slo-motion' knife throw, or a one-liner while fighting that fell completely flat. - Starling City? Come on ! lol
October 9, 2012 1:22 am Great list and its always fun to speculate. My only big disagreement would be Bradley Cooper as the Flash/Barry Allen. I just don't see the charisma or the 'white-knight' out of him. I was thinking about it, and came up with an odd-casting choice, but I think would be perfect: Mark-Paul Gosselaar (you might know him as Zach from Saved by the Bell, or more recently from Franklin & Bash or NYPD Blue). I can definitely see him playing the serious cop and investigating a crime scene, but also throwing in the one-liners. He would most likely be on the cheaper side as well if they were looking to lock actors down for multiple movies. If not, I'd prefer Ryan Gosling, as others have said above :).
May 19, 2011 4:58 pm Great podcast. It was fun reminiscing.

I absolutely loved the finale. To me, it was one of those rare times I felt fulfilled by a TV series on giving me what 'I' wanted. If I had any critique or complaint, it would be that they slow-played the first hour a bit, but to me, it made the second hour that much better. Also, having Lex back just immediately uplifted the show. From Clark and Lex's first conversation on, the episode kept moving towards a crazy momentum..

It's funny; I was watching with a couple friends and I told them I had three requirements of the finale - The Suit, John Williams, and Flying (no bald eagle). And what was great for me, is all of those expectations were met, but not only that, it was done way better than I expected it be. It's definitely the best Superman I've seen on any screen (flying, speed and motion).

I think the series turned out to be a definite success with their original goal in my mind - to show how Superman becomes Superman. I didn't feel like they ever led the audience on. Oh, and man do I hope they continue the series through comics so I can continue to enjoy all the characters.