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February 6, 2012 2:26 pm I would have rated it a bit higher than Paul but we are pretty much in agreement. I certainly won't go into detail for fear of spoiling things, but what I will say is this could have easily been horrible, and honestly I was afraid it would be. I was happily surprised to find it to be one of the most realistic and clean origin stories I've seen or read. Also, it's nice to see a film like this that isn't blatantly setting itself up for a sequel. One major bonus for me and others like me, my GF even really enjoyed it, and for someone who isn't a fanboy, I think that's a great compliment to the film makers and writers. Hopefully there can be more films like this in the future. While I love my superheroes, it's refreshing to go see a movie with no preconceived ideas about the characters. Even more so, I couldn't be disappointed with the representation of them either! I think what was also a great thing was I never felt like they were borrowing back stories or plot lines from other books and films. My rating: 4/5