Name: Brian Salinas

Bio: i am an up and coming comic book artist, that hopes to have a book on the shelf within the next year. i am about to attend the Kubert school, so that should tell u that i have some art ability. if u ever want to see any work just hit me up and i would be happy to show some work. i rarely draw major characters because, most of them bore the hell out of me.

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    briansalinas's Recent Comments
    June 3, 2011 5:13 am the movie sucked ass, plain and simple. was a typical Bryan Singer film, ok Vaughn directed it, but singer over saw the thing. if you area fan of the comics, don't waist your time, this movie is for the band wagon jumpers who only like comic books the month that the movie comes out. 

    GOOD THINGS: the dynamic between Charles and Erik. and the way that Shaw played off of Erik.
    BAD THINGS: everything else

    the movie should have been like this:
    it should have been a story about Erik, Charles, Moira, Shawn (Banshee) a Scotish federal agent, a great battle between Shaw. this could be where shawn strains his powers so much that he looses them and goes with Moira to set up a mutant safe haven on Genosha. and still have the back drop as the start of WW3, at the end Erik leaves and plots to rule over man kind, while Charles searches for a team of his own. with the last 20 mins dedicated to find Scott, Jean, Bobby, Warren, Hank. it could show them training a bit and close with the team in thier ready gear
     Now that would have been better than the other crap they filmed. i saw this movie for free and still asked for my money back, real fans should not waist their time of money. 
    May 27, 2011 9:45 pm @JASON
       let's not get it twisted, MArvel puts out a ton of well CRAP. they use the same characters in all of their books, how many books can Wolverine be in befor it's all crap, 3 at most. same thing goes for the Avengers line, u have 9 x-men books. and guess 75% of them suck, deadpool has what 3 or 4 books. and all he is is a liefeld rip off charcater anyways. but yet all they do every month is relaunch another book, ok we get it most buyers are idiots. true fans stopped buying a long time ago, but what does marvel care about true fans, they don't. all they do is sit and say what movie is coming out soon? so this is what we will do flood the market with all this crap that sucks and people will buy it for the 3 months prior to the movie and 2 months afterward. then we will start to do the same for the next movie.
        marvel sucks crap, plain and simple. hell most comics on the shelf suck. but mostly marvel, do i read marvel yes i do. but Marvel of yester year. since 2002 marvel has gone to hell in a hand basket. so yes marvel can put out more than DC every month, but DC has much better reading material than marvel. 
    May 15, 2011 7:31 pm i was a Breed fan from back in the day along with the Nocturnals, but his font choice and colorization. well let's just say it, it looks very dated, i actually thought it was republishing of his old stuff. but as i read it, i realized he hasn't moved on from the 90's. what he should do now is pick a new colorist and give it a darker look. for a book of it's magnitude, it comes off as way to bright and poppy. it is so colorful that my 6yr old daughter picked and up and wanted to read it. add more grey, and also a new title font. all he really has is a first glance in order to draw in a new reader, and i have seen people look at the cover and look away because of his color choices. if you read this, as a fan i ask you to take this as a positive comment, i am just offering my advice as an comic book artist and a graphic designer.  
    May 8, 2011 7:23 am as for THOR, probablyt the best of the Marvel movies yet. visually stunning from the sets to the costumes stunning. the story lacked some, but there only so much that you can put into an 1 1/2hrs of film. way too much history to pick from to put everything in. the only thing i would have put in the film is Thor calling out to his hammer during his battle against the Destroyer. as a last ditched effort to protect the people, i think that sceen would have sealed the deal for all fanboys and fangirls out there.
       as for the set-up for the Avengers, Thor will be sent to deal with the Loki when he starts to playing with the Hulk. but it's only a ploy get him away from Asgard, Loki hopes to rid himself of Thor on Earth by bringing the Skrulls to the planet. and with SHEILD trying to find a replacement for Stark, u really only have 4 Avengers around at this point, Thor, Cap, Hawkeye, and Blackwidow. but we will see Tony force his way back into his armor, either the confiscated one or a new one and they will defeat the Skrull and Loki threat. The Hulk becomes a hero during this battle, well kinda of. but in the end SHEILD still wants Banner and the team realizes there just are some threats that can't be handled anlone. from here we will see the Hulk on the big screen like never before, wandering and alone. a turn back to the old TV show, hunted and feared. a monster with a heart, kinda like Frankenstein. if everything goes well at this point comic book fans will be able to go back and watch this all unfold over 15 movies. it will resemble a marvel comics crossover. they are already talking SHEILD, Hawkeye, and a Blackwidow films. 
       in closing i want to give a HUGE thank u to all the bandwaggon jumpers out there that continue to go to these films and start buying these comics and then talk to us TRUE fans about it all. it's because of you guys that right now it is a great time to be a fanboy and fangirl. you keep talking like u actually know something about comic books and the history. and us TRUE fans will continue to laugh at u.