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September 24, 2018 9:16 am Just to say, and it in no way effects your comments about the issue or that it makes sense for it to tie into the biggest Marvel film so far, BUT the current series of mashed-up Marvel heroes is called Infinity WarPs. But yeah, more and more I am convinced there is no good reason for me to not be reading Mister Miracle
June 2, 2017 12:29 pm I actually rather enjoyed the show for what it was. I did find it compelling and it was relatively good for a superhero show as far as they normally go. The problem is that Netflix introduced us to a hole new level of superhero shows with DD, JJ Aand Luke Cage to a lesser extent. I found Iron Fist much more flawed than those and therefore stood out as much weaker. Much of this was down to, as the guys said, Danny's characterisation, lack of clear focus and no singular, driving sinister force. That said, it sounds like they are learning (or that it was always the intention) and Danny in Defenders will be somewhat different. I do want to see a season 2 and if you want to read a really cool treatment I totally suggest checking this out. It's long but spot on imo
December 29, 2015 3:49 pm A charming, speech impaired droid evades an evil regime with plans vital to the victory of an underground rebellion. When said droid crash-lands on a desert planet they are found by a directionless youth who does not know their parents. Our hero gains passage aboard the ship that made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs and is aided by its crewmen, a smart-mouthed smuggler and his Wookie companion, along with a plucky and capable love interest for our hero, whose determined to do what's right. Together they attempt to meet up with the rebel faction and battle the evil galactic powers-that-be. Meanwhile those powers, under the supervision of a stern general, in the presence of a dark, masked, force-wielding figure and overseen by an eerie, decrepit overlord, have constructed a vast, spherical weapon capable of destroying entire planets, beginning with the hub of support for the freedom-fighters. This new threat to the dark military's goes only hastens the need for their victory. Visiting new worlds, encountering threatening locales, such as sleazy dive bars hosting a wild and wonderful array of characters and experiencing a daring, covert rescue from the enemy stronghold after an abduction by the dark lord, the protagonist gets closer to their mentor figure and learns much about themselves and expands their natural gifting. Finally the band of adventurers meet up with the rebel forces and a plan is hatched that aims to destroy the deadly space-weapon. While in the enemy base however there are revelations of familial ties and the heroes mentor is lost at the hands of the black clad, lightsaber welding antagonist, as the watch, powerless to stop it or seek retribution at the time. Ultimately a brave and motley crew of X-Wing pilots make a valiant run to the heart of the enemy's super-weapon and through thrilling dogfights and strafing of the target, manage to destroy it. After much celebration our heroes await what must come next and the desert-raised orphan goes in search of an older, wiser and new mentor, whose long since hidden on a remote planet and become a hermit after betrayal and the decimation of the Jedi way. From him our hero must further learn the ways of the force. The story continues...
November 21, 2015 4:09 am You've never worked at McDonald's.
November 17, 2015 2:51 am Hi guys, I’m a long-time listener, for the past six years or so, and it’s one of my favour things on the web. If I had more cash I’d donate, if I lived in the states I’d use the Amazon link. As it is I just listen and spend a good few hours each day meditating upon your words. Anyway something you talked about today, the story, themes and general plot of the Star Wars films got me thinking. There are a couple of Youtube videos I sort of assumed everybody had seen but they address how to bring the prequel films more in line with George’s original trilogy. The very things Josh thinks are boring the guy in the video ‘un-boring-ifies’. And there are some really obvious choices he makes. Call Naboo Alderaan for example. Make them about Obi Wan and his emotional journey. I know you might shrug it off but seriously do give them a watch. Honestly thing you may like them. The only thing is you will then really want to watch these films which don’t exist.
July 30, 2013 10:12 am Surely number 1 ought to be Ms Marvel's kid Marcus? No?
July 29, 2013 10:56 am I love the idea of John and Guy together. Former copy who puts up the front of cocky brashness and who has now replaced Hal as a star test pilot meets stoic ex-marine and would be settled down architect. Yeah I'd watch that Actually bringing Hal back as a more mature, battle hardened and one-time beaten soldier type would justify a tonal shift in the character and add a dynamic that would help differentiate him from the previous film while not feeling like a cut and run. The buddy cop idea is great. I'd even make a point that the Corps now partner people to prevent a Sinestro rising up unstopped again. End the film with John and Guy heading back to Earth while Hal begins reforming the Corps with his new partner a young, brash down and out artist who is more jokes that seriousness (reminiscent of Hal in GL)? I think we know who I mean. By putting for Earthling GLs in the mix then when they inevitably make a JL film they have a whole load to pick from depending where they want to go.
May 2, 2013 10:41 am Yeah my guesses are Thomas and Dick. Could be Jason maybe. Or someone totally unrelated
April 8, 2013 10:38 am 'warning the world' in the most 21st century way possible- chat shows
April 8, 2013 10:36 am Love the casting choices and the concept is great. Vampires just make sense and although they seem to be everywhere at the moment they aren't everywhere in this form and that injection of a new angle (or rather an old one) seems fitting and would be perfect in Del Toro's hands. I can totally see the third act post Cain being great with an Andrew Bennet twist on a six pence. I actually like the idea of a 'reformed vampire'. It just gave me an idea of one of these ex-mafia types who pop up on TV to tell people about that world. I like the idea of Bennet as a sort of cult personality popping up on chat shows talking about being an ex-vampire and what that world was like and people interviewing him because he is one of these crazy loons that make great daytime telly without realising he really is a vampire. It could be sold in such a way that the film's audience also think he's simply a fraud and just a sort of comedy character who'll maybe get caught up in a world of trouble when he is attacked by Mary and then, BAM, he vampires out to fight back but is beaten and runs away and has to go to Constantine for help.