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    bmw5930's Recent Comments
    August 12, 2013 10:07 am This makes no sense whatsoever. I was SO excited for this book, and know SO let down. That 80s run of Justice League is one of my favorites of all time. And to get that same team on another JL book seemed too good to be true and probably was. If DC wanted darker and egdier, why would you get DeMatteis, Giffen and Maguire to do a book in the first place? That isn't their thing.
    July 26, 2013 2:23 pm Have to agree about the Flash cover. It was stunning and now currently my desktop background picture. It looks better in person than a PC screen though
    June 12, 2013 9:43 am Didn't know that comment would spark such a debate. To be honest, I find all four GLs very boring, but if Hollywood can re-boot the Hulk for Avenger movies then you can re-boot Hal. If you don't want Reynolds back, I would like Nathan Fillon.
    June 11, 2013 12:31 pm I like John Stewart as much as the next guy, but any kind of Green Lantern reboot, whether it be thru his own movie or a part of something else has to be Hal Jordan. No exceptions.
    January 15, 2013 11:49 am Still surprised how much love Mazzuchelli is getting. I think is just disappoints me more that he isn't doing more work. Year One and Daredevil: Reborn were both milestone books for me.
    January 10, 2013 2:40 pm Glad to see Breyfogle getting some love. My thought earlier about Mazzuchelli was that I would like to see an artist tell more than a story. He was there for Y1 and that's it. I would've loved to see more but that wasn't the case. I want to see the origin on one arc and then an arc about the Mad Hatter next. I'm just greedy like that. I can't believe Davis's run on Detective was only seven issues? It felt longer, in a good way. More impactful.
    January 10, 2013 11:44 am I liked Mazzuchelli, but to be an artist for a character it would have to last longer than four issues. Tim Sale is great, but all he did was the miniseries. My favorite artist has to be someone that delivered month in and out. Alan Davis is the runner up with Norm Breyfogle being the winner.
    October 6, 2012 3:19 pm I was actually disappointed in the show? The reason? The ending where Wally's makes his accusations against Aqualad. It felt to me that they were stretching things. Or like the writers gave too much away when Artemis went undercover and now they're trying to make up for it. It felt like they were jumping the shark. And the stuff with Mal? Who cares. It's the first time I've seen this kid out of the cave and say more than one sentence and now they try to do a human interest piece with him? Not sure I get it. And Blue Beetle and Impulse annoy me as well. Won't go out and say I hated this ep, cause it's so good every week that I think that is impossible to do, but was let down.
    September 29, 2012 3:11 pm Was expecting much more, maybe too much. I wanted all my questions answered at once. It was kinda discerting that Speedy and Red Arrow have the same voice. I understand why but it just threw me off. It seems like the people in the biggest trouble are Aqualad. Everyone is gunning for him. And why even bother with the Superboy thing at school. That seemed like total filler. And where did Nightwing disappear to? My biggest question is in the monument room, where they had the image of Artemis is an image of Robin. Jason Todd, I assume?
    August 28, 2012 12:06 pm I think it's already common knowledge that Johns(and Ivan Reis) are leaving Aquaman after or around #16. While this book seems like a desperate attempt by DC to prop up Justice League to Avenger-like status(especially in light of how Justice League International flopped), it does have me intrigued cause of the people involved. But it brings up other questions, mainly will Finch stay with his Bat-book? And are all these changes that DC is announcing(possible Snyder-Lee Superman book) a reaction to Marvel NOW!? I just don't like the name. it is TOO similar to the flagship title. But I'll probably get the book, but still wait to see the "ripple" effects on other titles.