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    artdjmaster's Recent Comments
    August 15, 2010 12:04 am

    Shojo manga has nothing to do with anything "girly". Getting people to try Shojo manga, but telling them it's girly and recommending not-to-girly stories would immediately throw people off anyways. I don't think the author should have mentioned "girliness" so much 'cause I think it meant more harm than the good that was intended.

    I look at shonen and shojo manga as this: Shonen manga feature battle-action, energized scenes, while shojo features stories of human nature. They're not "girly" because of that. I can read any shojo and never consider it girly because it is simply about human friendships. Romance is not necessarily the main deal with all shojo manga. Calling shojo "romance comics" is not going to bring in any new readers because it is misleading and not altogether true. 

    PS. I know you chose the "non-girliest" shojo manga titles (according to you), but those pictures that you chose say otherwise.