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    September 6, 2011 10:23 am I have always hated Gambit. The Louisiana Bayou thing always seems forced or over-the-top. I shouldn't have to sound out words out loud to understand what the hell he is saying. Dont' know enough about Captain Marvel to have an opinion, but I don't hate what I do know. Aquaman is pretty useless, so I understand the hate for him. Deadpool is fine in moderation (which rarely happens, though I like his characterization in Uncanny X-Force) and Lobo is a way underutilized character in DC. I remember his episodes in the Superman TV show being hilarious (like wen he was shooting holes in the police station wall trying to swat a fly) and a nice break from more serious Superman stories. Lastly, lay off Cable. He's dead (for a few more months).