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Name: Carl Hoppmann


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February 27, 2012 4:07 pm Nice conversation. I too was an on and off again comic buyer until the new 52 and stumbling across a big batch of 70's DC Horror for sale last summer made me dust off the boxes in the attic. I treat collecting as it is, a hobby, that allows me to think about something besides work and kids and the wife. I had a great time cataloging everything into stashmycomics.com and now spend a good amount of money per month at my local as well as ebay filling in holes of series I got as a kid. To me the most relaxing part of my week is getting 20 minutes of quiet by my boxes, putting away the new purchases. (sounds sad when written out!) Another part of it is pure nostalgia, haven't you ever looked at a cover of a comic you haven't seen in 20 years and been zapped right back to when you were a kid in the backseat on a family vacation trying to pass the time? I've got nothing against digital, it's not for me though. The buying/reading/bagging/storing ritual is still too much fun.