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    November 16, 2010 5:55 pm I'm never happy to see anyone lose work, and I don't mean to rub salt in anyone's wounds, but reading this book made me feel like it was the Emperor's new clothes. That is to say, I really did not get the hype from iFanboy. I bought the first five issues because everyone here was gaga for it and it actually made me angry with it's SuperHero-Squad-with-half-the-wit and more "RomCom" style. With all due respect (and I mean that sincerely), doesn't the fact that the book's audience was halved in no time suggest that - just maybe - many were like me who tried it and didn't care for it? If it sold steadily but just not enough then I could totally get behind the "not enough people were exposed to this, etc etc" argument. But, as it stands, and from the info the post tells us, it seems that most readers were like me: they gave it a fair shot, and for one reason or another were not impressed (though I did like the art style).