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    January 8, 2013 5:15 pm Dear God, will people please stop saying that anyone that does not like what they have read so far with the current storyline does not "understand how comics work"? It's disrespectful and a lousy thing to say, especially to those of us that have been readers for quite some time.
    January 8, 2013 1:59 pm I am not quite getting part of your responses since I am upset and bothered by it myself. I was not saying not to be emotionally involved. I think that is a great reaction (within reason) that we care about this make believe world. I am just commenting on the fact that some people (not everyone) are belittling people for feeling equally passionate in the opposite direction as they do about the story. I am saying that both sides have the right to react passionately and emotionally but not get ridiculed that they are crotchety, morons, don't know the medium, etc., as has been happening in some cases. In the end it is all opinions, so since this is fictional realm, let's act a little classy while commenting. With that said, I and others used ASM #698-700 and AvSM #15.1 to formulate an opinion about it, and I think doing so with just that portion is okay and not equivalent to just watching a movie trailer. I arrived at my (albeit current) opinion after I closed those pages, reserving judgement until I had done so (though I along with everyone else heard the hype for months before). Yes, there is more to come, but I think four issues of where they are headed is enough to comment on as well. Perhaps those of us that don't like what we read so far will be proven wrong, and for the sake of the character, I hope that this is actually is a great new chapter in the Spider-man story. We will all see in due time (some of us sooner if we had a sneak peak/inside info). And whether I pick it up issue by issue or wait for a trade after I hear more news, if it is ultimately something great, I probably will read it, no matter how I felt after closing #700/15.1.
    January 8, 2013 1:21 pm Is it really so awful that normal, well-reasoned people (not those making death threats and threats of bodily harm to others) are reacting emotionally to this story and actually care about this medium? If it is okay that some of you emote so passionately why you think this is the greatest thing ever because it is "different," then why is it not okay that some people think the opposite in an emotional way? Some of need to stop being jerks about the topic, for crying out loud, and let people have their say without belittling them in these comments. Many of you are fine in that you provide your counterpoint in a non condescending manner, but others need to learn how to play nice in the sandbox no matter what side you fall on. Have some decorum. I am sure I will get a snarky reply over this post, but I think calling for a little class in the discussion of our differing viewpoints of the storyline needs to happen.
    January 8, 2013 10:55 am * jpriester73 - In my last statement to you about why I also did not like the story along with you, should have wrote "I hope they are all correct . . . " since you are in the same camp of not being particularly excited by the storyline either.
    January 8, 2013 9:13 am jpriester73 and diebenny - Thanks, guys, for getting some of my main points about lumping, etc., and also acknowledging that it is okay to have a normal level of passion about something that is make believe. :-P These stories in comics, just like in other books or in films, resonate with us all emotionally to some degree or we would not even be wasting our time with them. At the end of the day though. most of us know it is not real and do not let it ruin our real world day. Truth be told, I rarely engage in these conversations in person at a comic shop or on the internet, because I avoid most people that are way more serious about this stuff than I am. I made an exception this time because I felt this one a little more this particular time than others because it is long-standing character who I have put my time into and since I did not like the way this one went down (regardless of the fact that I know like everyone else that it eventually will all be returned to normal for this big of a character). I know as well that the main point of the article was that the over the top people take it too far (on either side, although I have not read of any Slott face tattoos, people sending him gift cards, etc. because they loved the storyline), but in my read there was a little sentiment in the article and in the comments that anyone that was a normal level of upset about it was also goofy as well, did not know the medium, and so forth. That was mostly what I was reacting too. And thanks for not thinking I am crazy for that. jpriester73, I definitely agree that some of the death stories can be cooler ones and when done well are great reads. On that level, mind swap and such aside, why I have not liked this one is probably that I don't feel (so far) that those great reactions, dialogue, etc. from surrounding characters over this "death" storyline get to happen here. No one knows he is dead and gets to react accordingly. I don't get terrific pieces like Franklin talking to Spidey about missing his uncle, and Peter trying to connect with the kid to take the pain away. So far it has been the supposed death of a major character without the consequences of that because no one around him knows he is dead. True some of these things will likely happen eventually, but for now, Aunt May, Mary Jane, and others don't get to react accordingly after losing a great character like Peter in their lives. Instead they have this skeezy guy in his body acting like him in a less than heroic way pulling the wool over their eyes (for now). That coupled with Marvel marketing telling me "The new Amazing Spider-Man has arrived and he is better in every single way. Smarter, stronger... Superior!" because he can act with less of a conscience and probably in less heroic ways, just bothers me as I noted earlier. But that is just my take here. Maybe this will be awesome and I am wrong. For now, it just seems to lack for me what has made some of these other reversible death storylines compelling, while at the same time not substituting with a character that is more superior even though they keep trying to force feed me that it is. I am not going to argue whether the mind swap happened, didn't happen, etc. as some are on here and just take the face value for now. I hope you are all correct and that this is great chapter for a great character, but I just don't feel that way at the moment. And that is okay too.
    January 7, 2013 5:40 pm I am sure all of this thread reads more supercharged than I actually am over this topic since it is text online. And in that sense, I am probably being taken out of context. :-)
    January 7, 2013 5:35 pm That is fine if that is how you view it. I said it was not fair how he opened the article so I was clear on what part I was reacting to. I even agreed what his overall point was in saying that getting overly emotional to the point where you are threatening others is ridiculous. However, I think it is very important that your opening lines when writing an article are not ambiguous as to what you mean, especially when it sets the tone, and I think it was somewhat ambiguous here. I think even you would agree In the realm of "upset" exists being dismayed over what has happened to a character you like as in this case. It seems that some (not all) in the comments are acting like people are wacky though even for having this normal response to these stories. People get bummed or exhilarated over a book, cry at a movie, or a supercharged when leaving an action film all the time. In some of the comments, however, it seems certain folks are hitting people that didn't like this story at a normal level (which if not being somewhat "upset" then what is it?) a little harder than those that are on board with it. That coupled with how the piece opened just got to me. Hence, my remarks.
    January 7, 2013 4:58 pm "No one who has bought more than two comic books in his life could possibly get upset about this Spider-Man storyline." That seems a pretty blanket statement to me. I did not listen to your podcast so can't comment on that only and only based that statement on how this article opened. Granted he is clearly talking about the over the top group later, but that is not how he opens.
    January 7, 2013 4:39 pm (edit - "bad rap")
    January 7, 2013 4:37 pm First, I want to start from the point that I think the sensible among us can all agree that anyone on either side threatening death or bodily harm to a writer over the storyline or to another comic reader for their opinion about it is insane. Starting from there, I also feel that anyone that does not agree that this Superior take is the best story ever is getting a bad wrap in comments that I have read on this site and on other sites (whether other comic sites or regular news sites; though I am not claiming to have read everything on it). I agree some have gone too far here to prove their contrary point, but if you are going to take them to task, I also think you have to take Jim to task for saying that just because I or others like me don't like this storyline (i.e., are "upset") that we know nothing about comics and just picked them up yesterday. I mean, c'mon. No one that is on the majority side this time has ever been on the minority side at another time with how you view a storyline? Would it be cool to call you a dolt in that instance and that you have no idea what you are talking even though you are a longtime comic reader? As RoiVampire noted, just because something isn't your favorite doesn't mean the other guy who likes it is know-nothing idiot either, since we are just talking about comics here after all. If you don't like it, don't buy it, which is what I plan to do in this case. But in the same breath, I don't think the other guy is an dumb a-hole for liking it and wanting to ride it out either. One last note , I still find it a little funny that some folks are busting people's chops for emotionally reacting in opposition to this particular storyline when I think it is pretty clear in the comments that a number on the other side are also pretty emotional in their support for the storyline. So why one way is okay and the other isn't to some on here I am not sure? I assume that Jim's main point to the article was that people going way over the top regarding reactions to this event are pretty crazy, and I could not agree more. (I would put death threats here right up there with people being severely distraught that they were going to have to wait for their new comics because Hurricane Sandy happened [and people died].) Still, the way he opens seemingly characterizing everyone who dislikes this storyline as a misinformed novice is not fair either.